£5 Pound Maximum Online Casino Bet to be Proposed in New White Paper?

It just shows how long it is since you played slots. :laugh: Bankrolls up to £500 from playing 10 and 20p. You can’t get a bankroll of £500 if you deposit £480 nowadays.:laugh: Whole things a scam and biggest crooks, yep BTG aka the underhanded scamming:rolleyes: (now what’s the word I am looking for)? Answers on a postcard only.
Take that back you scamp! You're not too old for a clip round the ear you know!

Ah, I remember it like it were yesterday. You could deposit a Shilling, play for 13 days and still have enough for the bus fare home
The only upside is that the £5 a spin is better than the £2 proposed a while back ,,

They must have looked at the figures involved , who knows what player sample that includes.

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