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Thread: Casinos right/wrong archive--October 1999

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    Casino San Fran and Club Monte Carlo seem to be the affiliated cos they have similar software and have the same 'refund your losses promotion'.

    I tried betting $100 in one go on both of them but I lost. They refunded my money as the promotion states and I cashed out immediately but the thing is they only send winnings by check. They don't refund your card. Club Monte Carlo sent it in about a week. I'm expecting the Casino San Fran check soon.

    Try Gold Rush Casino or King Tut's. At the weekend they are giving 30% bonus on all deposits (up to $750). You will have to email them about this cos they don't give it to new accounts unless you tell them someone told you about it. You still get $35 free from each when you join anyway.

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    Steve, sorry to hear about you losing your shirt.
    But hey thats why they call it gambling!

    I was going to play at the Caesars casino but have decided not to

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    Dan Points for Tags Given Guest
    Steve, you owe me a book. I played in the rags to riches casino, bought in for $200.00. You had told me once that you would give a free video poker book to anyone who bought in within 7 days for a total of $200.00

    I hope you are true to you word

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    Buying in for $200.00 at 7:34AM and then cashing out $220.00 (you got the 10% bonus) at 7:44Am without playing one hand does not qualify for a free book. I made that offer so that people that know me and gamble online could get a free book.

    If you would play, I would send you a book as promised. I am sorry Dan but the word stupid on my forehead has been removed.

    Just so you know, you will not get the extra $20.00 buyin bonus either.

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    Theres an offer sign up to rags to riches have a gambling turn over of $200 and get Steves book plus 10% bonus instantly no f**king about having to send emails to claim it I'll jump on my moped and try rags to riches get ready to send me a book Adkins

    ps nice try Dan but he doesnt miss a trick

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    Did Dan try to pull one over on Steve? Sounds like it. Maybe we could just kick the snot out of him for that.

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    Lee..don't jump in front of the train..jump onto it and move somewhere you can freely choose your mate.
    Steve I'd love a copy of your book..umm got $200 you can lend me? >,grin<,

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    Thanks for the good laugh! rotflmao!


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    Off with you old man!!! Don't jump in front of a train..... Who besides you and Dan can make us all laugh.

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