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Thread: Casinos right/wrong archive--October 1999

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    STeve, How is the rags to riches casino doing?

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    I just found Casablanca Casino ( !!!). Their promotions seem amazing, but I haven't been able to contact them via email. In the help sections they link to this email address which doesn't seem to work:
    Also they have a email address somewhere else on the site that returns as undeliverable. They have a US phone number (toll free I think) but as I'm not in US I don't want to phone them. Can anyone else try to see if they can get through to them? Also there internic contact email address is undeliverable too.

    They have 10% bonus on ALL deposits with no limit and the only condition is that the deposits are left in the accounts for 30 days before cashing out. No mention that you even have to play the deposit or bonus!!

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    Steve, logon to and click on legal. YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT:

    12. This is a theme website and all actual gaming takes place on the Golden Palace server. This casino site is wholly owned, run and operated by Golden Palace.

    Now logon to Anteup-
    and enter the message forums and read the system
    ADMIN's message regarding Golden Palace and other associated casinos. On 8/11/99 Joel Lessler responded to the following message entitled:
    Re: Flamingo Club, Golden Palace, Tropicana, STAY AWAY unless you feel like losing.

    He states that he's received a number of complaints from Anteup members. Past complaints have been forwarded to those caninos with NO REPLY! He no longer lists or advertises these casinos at Anteup.

    Now check the message forum right here on Casinomeister regarding Golden Palace. There are complaints regarding thier bonus $$ which they would NOT payout.

    1) They MISTAKENLY charge your credit card for a casino purchase that was DECLINED.
    2) At a later date they MISTAKELY double billed
    your credit card for $1000 and then told you it could never happen. Finally after enough proof, they admitted the problem and comped you for the mistake.
    3) Most recently, the REFUSE to pay you your winnings. They NEVER returned your emails as promised. They NEVER returned your phone calls as promised.

    Even if they eventually do pay you, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR SUCH POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Its been a month already, and you still have no resolution.

    IF I were you, STEVE, I would contact the following print publications and make a complaint:
    Casino Payer
    Double Down

    These magazines accept FULL page advertising from Golden Palace on a regular basis. Explain to them that Golden Palace has screwed you and hasn't paid you. Tell them to stop all advertising from Golden Palace. Have the staff of these magazines read the last 30 days of new messages at Casinomeister to see your dilema. (or have them contact Bryan (ADMIN) directly. Ask them to contact Joel Lessler as well.

    Last but not least contact Microgaming and let them know they've lost a customer.

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    Dave, that is good advise. I saw all the legal crap that they said. Most casinos have that. None of them talk about the players rights to get paid. Only the rights of the casinos to void your play.

    I have contacted microgaming Via Email. I have also wrote another email to the lady in accounting this morning.
    I will post any answers that I get here, but do not hold your breath.

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    I recently went to and found Casino-on-Net to be at that address. Does Casino-on-Net own a lot of addresses that the same Casino is run from or are each of the pages owned independently and just host Casino-on-net's site?? I don't suppose it makes a difference, does it? I'm just wondering why you'd buy a unique address if you weren't going to use it... Any good experiences with Casino-on-net? I think I remember there being some strong reaction to it, whether it was positive or negative you guys will have to remind me.

    Bet: that wagerweb@yahoo email address sounds very dodgy to me. they're either REEEEAALLY cheap and nasty or very scaly and fly-by-night.

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    i is not to be own casinolee so not is to be any of yous to be say is to be own it so there

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    Casino-on net has dozens and dozens of other URLs that lead to them.

    It helps to get good positions on the search engines to use multiple URLs as some engines restrict the number of URLs that you can register in one day.

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    Mon Oct 18 1999

    Another online gaming company has come under the scrutiny of law enforcement officials. A warrant to search the headquarters of, a horse-race betting service, was issued by a state court judge who determined probable cause that evidence of criminal activity could be found in's Los Angeles offices, which were raided Thursday. Loren Michael Naiman, a deputy district attorney in L.A. County, comments, "The issue is whether attempts by companies like to skirt the law do successfully get around state and federal legislation against gambling. This is a cutting-edge area of the law." maintains that it will provide records to cooperate with the investigation.

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    Hi All.

    Opinions on JAVA-games? In my experience they're unreliable as all hell - sometimes the java window does not load properly and I'm left clicking like a crazy woman to get the dealer to deal. I also worry that I might be clikcing BET BET BET and then go "screw it" and lose the money because of the time lag. The software that sits on my pc and reminds me when I'm connected and disconnected is much easier on my mind.

    I've heard that somehow, any hacker can get the Java code and put it on a front end of a bogus operation. I suppose that's possible with software you download too... I'm not an expert. Aybody know anything abuot this?

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    I have just spoken to Mr John Holmes who has informed me that your draft has
    been sent according to the bank. However they are having trouble in Miami
    due to the hurricane that just went through there. The bank has assured us
    that the wire has been done and we will have the relevant information for
    you as soon as possible.

    If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me or Mr

    Kind Regards,
    Ms C Phieffer
    Casino Accounts

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