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Thread: archive--problems/successes--august 1999

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    Sharon Points for Tags Given Guest
    I pay my bills as I expect others to pay me what they owe me, I am an adult, not a child..we all have the resources to find out what is and what isn't illegal in our jurisdictions. If I gamble illegally (which i sure hope i haven't), it is not the casinos fault, it's mine! As children we are taught to be responsible for our actions, but I now see many adults in the world who profit from refusing to accept their responsibilities. If I make a charge on my credit my opinion I am responsible for it. No one forces anyone to open casino accounts or to spend money.

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    Anonymous Points for Tags Given Guest
    If you played in a casino and charged your card. Then turn around and capilize on starnets problems by denying the charges, you to are a crook. Sharon if you live in the united states and gamble online, you are gambling illegally and it is just a matter of time before we all get into trouble over it.

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    Sharon Points for Tags Given Guest
    To the best of my knowledge the Kyl bill hasn't passed yet..or has it?
    There are some states where it is prohibited but my state is not one of those states.

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    Legal Eagle Points for Tags Given Guest
    No the kyle bill has not passed, however they are now charging citizens of the Us with the wire act violation. IT is against federal law in the united states to gamble on the internet.

    I do not know of any state that says it is legal. you are actually placing the bet in your state, no state allows it. That is why all of the casino's say they do not take bets from the United States.

    It does not matter where the server or the online casino is. It only matters where the bet originates.

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    Legal eagle Points for Tags Given Guest
    World gaming and starnet claim they do not accept wagers from US Citizens because of the laws here.
    Every casino has a disclaimer that tells you that you are responsible to know what the laws are in your area. It is illegal to gamble on the internet in Canada and the United States. No State allows it.

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    Sharon Points for Tags Given Guest
    Is that limited to all casino play or just sports wagers? This is all news to me. I didn't know about a wire act..I can drive to Vegas and spend my whole life savings but can't make a $5 bet online? This is all quite confusing...I guess I'd better catch up on the legal aspect of all this..

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    I have been researching the Kyl Bill. As far as I can tell, The bill only passed the preliminary hurdle. It still has to pass Congress. As I was researching I came across this Link from

    Kyl’s bill was approved 90-10 by the Senate last year, but Congress adjourned before the House could vote on its version of the legislation.
    When Kyl, R-Ariz., reintroduced his bill this year, he eliminated a controversial provision that would have for the first time subjected bettors to criminal penalties

    The Department of Justice also indicated that authorities will be unable to shut down Web gambling sites that operate from foreign countries.
    The fact that “some form of gambling is legal in virtually every state ... diminishes our ability to persuade a foreign country that gambling must be vigorously combated,” the department wrote in last year’s analysis.

    I hope this helps.

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    Quick guest appearance from the guy who crossed over. Guys & Gals, to find out what your state says about gambling go to
    click on state criminal law. Then choose your state. Look for the gambling code. Internet gambling is to new for the laws to say internet gambling, But I can assure you that the same law that says you cannot have real blackjack tables in your home is the same law that says you just cannot gamble in your state.

    Also while your there. Click on federal law and do a search on gambling. Read the wire act law if you can find it there. The kyle bill was going to single out internet gambling, because states are slow to do so.

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    Frank Williams Points for Tags Given Guest
    I have been paid my winnings already! (You may recall I won $800.00 at the Liberty Casino). I didn't get paid quite as quickly as Sharon (2 days or something like that!), but I have been paid in less than a week. That is far better than some of the places I have won at.
    Funny thing about Gambling, I haven't had much luck since then! (You win some, you lose some!)

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    Frank Williams Points for Tags Given Guest
    Steve, I see that Lucky Nugget have completely changed their website! Looks better than their previous site.

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