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Thread: archive--problems/successes--august 1999

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    Anonymous Points for Tags Given Guest
    HEY, anyone want to REALLY gamble? Then buy some shares in Starnet. Better action than anything else on the web. Who knows, you might clean up. Or lose all your money. I can't make up my mind, but wait to long the opportunity will be over.

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    Anonymous Points for Tags Given Guest
    As silence fills the forum!!

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    The owner Points for Tags Given Guest
    Starnet Stock drops another $1.09 on the close today. The casino's will all stay open

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    Cheapo Points for Tags Given Guest
    Steve, how about another chart on Bonus Poker?

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    Tellitlikeitis Points for Tags Given Guest
    Hey cheapo I think steve has crossed over to the other side and lasvegashitmob and jeablue buried him

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    Sharon Points for Tags Given Guest
    Boy have I been busy..I've been needing to re-coup my gaming losses from before my trip to
    but haven't found the time..also I like waiting til the beginning of the month..quite a few casinos do deposit bonus matches Gotta love those. Frank did you get your winnings yet? I gotta win some more money (don't we all! ...I'm goin back to
    again for certification on a new product I'm involved with and coffee down there is $11 a that price I could buy a house if I stayed a month (I drink gallons of coffee)..if anyone hears of any good deals on bonuses feel free to email me..of course if I don't win I'll be passing around my "virtual tin cup" >,grin<,

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    Anonymous Points for Tags Given Guest
    Where is all the regulars? Hitmob, steve, frank, ricky, dan,lee, is everyone gone somewhere else.

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    In the Vancouver Sun, the article states that
    United States I.R.S. agents were on sight during the Starnet raid, and that they will be obtaining copies of many of the records. How will this affect players of the many Starnet casinos. Will the I.R.S. have records of a players wins/losses.
    Will players of Starnet casinos be audited?
    I personally have always tracked my net wins/losses for I.R.S. purposes (over the entire year). Perhaps the agents were only there to make sure Starnet paid its fair share of taxes.

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    Anonymous Points for Tags Given Guest
    I see that thousands of starnet gamblers have cancelled their credit card charges. That is going to hurt the company and all of those casino owners who have to pay back that money.

    We seem to be concerned about dishonest casino's and we are offended when a casino thinks that maybe players are dishonest. Thousands of people who played for real money in starnet are now saying I did not authorize that charge to them.
    that is plain dishonest.

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    Anonymous Points for Tags Given Guest
    Everyone who lives in the United States and Canada should refuse charges. If internet gambling is illegal where you live you should deny all charges to EFS and Starnet.

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