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Thread: archive--problems/successes--august 1999

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    Starnet claims they do not take bets from the United States? Oh thats right, Ohio is in Japan.
    Off to jail now Starnet!

    Crossed over, that sounds so traitorish.

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    I wonder if Starnet's E-cash co.,EFS is still operating? I have several cash-ins pending that have yet to be processed. Is anyone currently playing in a Starnet casino? Are they going to pay up?

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    steve you is to be wrongs i is to be check and ohio not in japans at all you must not be goods at reeding the maps it in america so theres hahaha you not felings very wells today bip bopdin

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    Mike C

    At present EFS, Softec and Starnet are all operating as ususal and there has not been any disruption to the operation of any casino that I am aware of.

    The link above is to a Vancouver BC investors bulletin board. Reading the posts throws a little more light on the situation and suggests that the raid was politically motivated ( Starnet have as loose affiliation with the current BC Premiere who is up on charges of Influence peddling, it is a tenuous link at best between them and Mr Clark )

    There are no answers here just some more insight into the current situtation.

    All the Best


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    Fairplay to English Harbour
    I wrote;

    <, Hi re the email below which you sent me I have played at your casino and
    <, have recieved in the past rejected messages from your system when other
    <, casinos have accepted my card I am now concerned that this may
    <, have happened
    <, before is there any way you can check this out without me having to spend
    <, days checking all my records???
    <, regards

    Their reply;
    We have talked with our processing bank and they have assured us that this
    actually only happened for a few hours on the day it happened with your
    purchasing attempt. We have checked or records extensively because we had
    the same fears you have.
    It was easy to check because the response we received from our systems was
    so unusual.
    We can assure you that it did not happen at any other time. It was very easy
    to check and verify.
    Also it has been brought to my attention that you post messages at casinomeister could I suggest that you say nice things about us and I will make it worth your while? say $5000 to say how wonderful we are?

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    OK I made the last paragraph up but I am happy to give them a lasvegashitmob seal of approval they are fairly quick at responding (not the quickest but no one is perfect)
    and it was them who told me an error had been made again fairly quickly, there cashins take about three days and the pitboss has a fetish for hedgehogs sorry I'm lying again
    give them a try and who knows they might give me $5000 if they do I will let you know

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    Don't worry guys , Mike C and Steve , I told you before Starnet will be back in business come Monday didn't I.

    I never lie , unlike First Live.

    Trust me .

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    Starnet Communications Continues Operations Following Weekend Investigation
    Company Cooperates with Canadian Authorities; Does Not Anticipate Interruption to Service As Shares Continue OTC Trading

    Wilmington, DE, August 23, 1999 - Starnet Communications International Inc. (OTC: SNMM - news) will continue it business operations and share trading in the financial markets today following an investigation Friday and over the weekend by the Coordinated Law Enforcement Unit of British Columbia. No charges were filed against the company prior to or following the weekend investigation.

    Starnet is an online provider of interactive media and information systems and is the recognized leader in Internet gaming and entertainment.

    Chief Executive Officer Mark Dohlen stated: "We are pleased to announce that our company will continue its operations and proceed with its strategic plans following minor interruptions to service over the past weekend.

    "On the basis of solid legal advice, we will continue to offer shares of the company to the investing public. We are a company that is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. We are confident that our operations will be reviewed positively by the appropriate authorities here in Canada and in the countries in which we conduct our business.

    "Starnet is a cutting edge-company that is a pioneer in Internet gaming,"Dohlen said. "We believe the selective investigation into the operations of our company is a result of a misunderstanding of Internet issues as they relate to the process of our business and the venues in which our services are offered. There is little or no legal precedent relative to this business."

    Dohlen noted that minor interruptions to customer service occurred during the weekend when the company provided temporary access to its server to the authorities. The company expects no further interruptions to service as Canadian authorities have vacated company premises.

    Starnet officials also noted the company's financial capability to cover successful customer wagering has not been impacted by the investigation.

    "We are dismayed by the inaccuracies communicated in media reports over the weekend,"said Dohlen. "We expect to provide appropriate guidance to the media and investing public as we continue to cooperate with local legal authorities and come to a favorable conclusion to this investigation."


    Starnet Communications International Inc.
    Mr. Carey Nelson: Ph: 604.608.6034
    Mr. Rob Grace: Ph: 604.608.6035
    Fax: 604.684.0391
    North American Toll: 1.888.888.0833
    Outside N. America: 800.883.88338

    Safe Harbor Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements contained herein which are not historical fact are forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed in the forward-looking statements, including, but not limited to, certain delays in testing and evaluation of products and other risks detailed from time to time in Starnet's fillings with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

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    LEE Sht Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read this about Starnet :

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    And this too,4,84-40813,00.html?

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