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Thread: archive--problems/successes--august 1999

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    Iwouldnotpostmyname Points for Tags Given Guest
    Oh oh, the shovels are out! The Atlantic City Mob is in route. This will put an end to Hit mobs pranks at poor Frank and Helga's expense. What will the forum do now? Hit mob, better get big Ron over to Franks house and make him call off the atlantic city goons. Maybe you could hide on Steves favorite Island next door to first live.

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    Sharon Points for Tags Given Guest
    Well I'm on my way to Orlando tomorrow..have a great week everyone and happy gambling!

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    Oct 2002
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    Sharon its no use hiding in Orlando with Frank in tow Helga will find you she is now part of the mob and Frank she has some unusual pictures of you and a donkey!!!!!!!

    Only joking Frank (or am I)

    anybody know what one of them geiger things is yet??

    and finally whats wrong with belly button fluff?
    I prefer it when a woman has this as well as a hairy tongue hence my friendship to Jeablue

    Oh my god another international incident in the making

    Sharon the very best of luck hope it goes well we are all rooting for you

    ps what is she going to Orlando for answers on a postcard !!!!!!!

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    Anonymous Points for Tags Given Guest
    Quick someone pass Hit mob his medicine. Sharon is going to Orlando to hire someone to be the New England Hit mob to protect her and Frank
    Steve where are u? On the island?

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    Nov 2001
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    Lasvegashitmob...the last time I gave you a tongue bath, I didn't hear any complaints. *evil grin*
    Sharon, have a great time in Orlando...It is hot as blazes there right now...wear your sunscreen. Don't forget to send us a postcard...*smile*
    Frank...thanks for last night. *wink*

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    7 dwarfs Points for Tags Given Guest
    Bryan, Could we please start a casinomeister Adult entertainment forum for Jeablue and Hit mob, or is it now Hot mob. That will be his new name. Lasvegashotmob.

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    Sharon Points for Tags Given Guest
    Jeablue...thank you!! I was sitting here trying to think what I had forgotten to pack..and then I read your post. I bought sunscreen today and had forgotten to pack it.thanks again! I'm really looking forward to going to Florida...I have to be at the airport in a few hours..hopefully I'll sleep on the plane as I'm too excited to sleep tonite.

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    Sharon Points for Tags Given Guest
    Ok..who put Frank into my suitcase?

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    Jochen Points for Tags Given Guest
    my expericene with First Live Casino:

    After First Live Casino made their update I played there a few times and I had 3 cashouts.
    I didn't got any of the 3 checks ($150, $60 and $230) so far and they are still shown as
    'pending' in the audit trail. I emailed them a couple times but either they send me a
    'standard reply' like they excuse the delays because of the update or of the new
    management. Or I don't get a answer at all.

    My girlfriend openend a account there too and she didn't got her check too ($200). A few
    days after she won the money her audit trail was 'deleted'. It does not show any transactions
    on the specified day.

    I wonder what is going on with First Live. I've played there before and everything worked,
    but now I'm very disappointed.

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    Dear Jochen and all,

    I am wondering why people are still choosing to do business with First Live Casino after all that has been said and done here at Casinomeister. First Live used to have a link at this site, but I removed it months ago after many complaints about their pathetic customer service.

    Since then, First Live seems to be under new management. They contacted me (with a form letter) to try and recruit me into their webmaster program. Apparently, they do not visit this forum. I told them that Casinomeister cannot recommend their casino. No response back; obviously they don't care (customer service issue).

    Unfortunately Jochen visited First Live before doing a little investigating. All it takes is to do a "keyword search" in this forum's utilities (on the left toolbar) and enter whichever casino suits your fancy. It's that simple. I'm sorry Jochen's girlfriend decided to make a deposit there too.



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