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Thread: archive--problems/successes--august 1999

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    Anonymous Points for Tags Given Guest
    Nice email address steve.

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    Lee Points for Tags Given Guest
    i am nots daft i am knowing that adams kidds are not playings the casinos its is really him who is playings at it and he is losings so he sad and thinkings my money is gone i get no dinners this wekes so he is sayings i no what is to be doings i say kidds are playing my credits crads and bingo i is getting all my moneys back and haha i now be gettings back my dinners and me s not starvingn you mr adam should not become to say it when you no it was you you is narty boy.
    you shud be gettings help from ganblings annonymus
    admittings that id was you and not is your kidds you not gottinns any kidds anyway so hahaha you are busted

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    Sharon Points for Tags Given Guest
    Hi Adam...
    I don't mean for you to take this in the wrong way..but I too am on aol..I have child controls on my accounts...they can't get into the casinos without user names and passwords and should not be allowed to use your computer..if they only deposited money but didn't play it, then you should be able to make a full withdrawal...when my newphews were visitng my entire computer was password protected..either way the casinos although they offer a way for you to store your log in info online for easier access it's better to keep that info in a book and locked up. Better to be safe than sorry. I'm really sorry you are having these problems, I know it's difficult when you are supposed to be able to trust your if I did that to my dad he'd have my hide and i'd be workin off those deposits for the rest of my life >,grin<,
    It is true though, the credit cards in question will be blocked from playing at any casinos..i'm not sure how their network works though.
    The casino's responsibility lies in making sure the person who signed up for the account is of legal gambling age..but as for leaving accounts accessible to children that's more along the terms of the gambler's responsibility.
    I hope I haven't offended you as this was not intented to do so.
    My fear as an online gambler that the more problems arising from credit card use in online casinos the higher the risk of that option being taken away from everyone.

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    Lee Points for Tags Given Guest
    you is sharon and is married to adam we is not dum wes all no you tricks trying to backing ups adams stories so he is to be gettings a refunds

    dont be taking us as fools we is not readings all to be the postings here to be scammed
    you have been warned

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    First lie investigator Points for Tags Given Guest
    Steve A , in your opinion , which online casino has the best video poker games . Just recommend one or two please . I prefer joker poker or duces wild. Thanks.

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    I like the Joker Poker in Rags To Riches. Starnet's Jacks or Better is only a 6-1 payoff, but has a 5000 coin Royal Flush.

    Lucky Nugget would be the other one.

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    Sharon Points for Tags Given Guest
    Lee you make no sense at all. Your postings are so inaccurate it's absurd..get a translator so you can then know what you are reading before you make ridiculous postings that waste bandwidth.
    See the rest of you nice and intelligent people in member's only

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    Frank Williams Points for Tags Given Guest
    I don't think that is going to help. Have you ever tried using the translators online and convert from English to a foreign language and then back to English? I rest my case!

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    Sharon Points for Tags Given Guest
    I am giggling because so often I am reminded how much the internet rules our lives..I was actually referring to a human translator..oh that is so funny!! PS Glad to see you back Frank..Helga? was looking for you.

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    Frank Williams Points for Tags Given Guest
    Yes, I believe Lasvegashitmob has been posting a few things at my expense. Oh well, looks like we'll have to call on the AtlanticCityhitmob to dig a hole somewhere in the UK. Perhaps we could just lock him up in the Tower of London!

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