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Thread: archive--problems/successes--august 1999

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    Me Points for Tags Given Guest
    Asses on fire? What has this forum come to? Damn that is a funny thought.

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    Timothy Points for Tags Given Guest
    Sharon , thanks for your input.

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    Nov 2001
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    Hello to all. I just got back from a quick trip to England. Lasvegashitmob. I tried to look you up, but the prison guard was a bit hostile. Steve, I thought of you while I visited the Land based casinos. I was thinking that even tho you *crossed over*, you still came back to us. This group is by far the most fun. Not only fun but informative. Thanks to everyones effort, I have been able to make informed decisions about on-line Casinos. Time for a *group hug*. And LVHM Watch your hands. *smile*

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    Steven Points for Tags Given Guest
    Hello guys and girls

    It is good to know everyone is back. now
    the forum is picking up steam again. So,
    what have we to discuss for the next agenda.
    Any winning systems please, anyone ???

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    Frank Williams Points for Tags Given Guest
    What a surprise... Dan has not been paid by the Island Casinos yet!
    All this talk about "fire hot slots" has really made me chuckle! One thing is for sure, us gamblers are a fickle and superstitious bunch!

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    Oct 2002
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    I don't remember giving you permission to come over here, I can't believe you didn't let me know you were coming I would have baked a frogs legs cake with extra garlic!! Hope you enjoyed yourself anyway.

    Steve I can not believe that you have never heard of the "blow torch secretly hidden under a jacket scam" its been around for years and as slot tech mentions you can empty a hopper of all its contenets quite quickly. Hey lee or dan why dont you try it


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    Nov 2003
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    At 10:00 AM EST. Two men were observved running thru the sands hotel and casino in Atlantic City, with smoke pouring out of their pants. One security guard said "They acted like their asses were on fire"
    After being chased around the nickel slot machines. Security was able to subdue the suspects. The suspects include Dan Dilly and Lee Arse. Both were found with melting Nickels in their pockets. suspects claim that they were trying to cheat the nickel machines, when the blow torch overheated and burnt Dans Butt. Both suspects are being charged with escaping a federal mental hospital and attempted cheating at gambling. A full investigation is under way to determine who else may have been involved in this nickel scam

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    Joker Points for Tags Given Guest
    Thanks steve, i really needed a good laugh

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    Ricky Points for Tags Given Guest
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    That is why I love this forum!!!!

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    Dan Points for Tags Given Guest
    steve, can we have a truce? i will not say that island casinos is good anymore

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