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Thread: archive--problems/successes--august 1999

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    Dan Points for Tags Given Guest
    steve, i notticed that you have message boards on your site. are you not posting here anymore or what? did you really cross over?

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    After playing in online casinos for several months, I'm not quite sure they are rigged but they don't play like real, live games. The way I play in a land based casino is different than an online one. It seems raising your bet too much almost always brings a lose far out of proportion to the number of times it should happen. I'm talking about
    only, does not seem to apply to roulette or any other game. This happens at the 3 casinos I play at. Small stakes(under$10) does not seem to trigger this problem. All I can say is it really seems "funny".
    A note to Quit: I play the horses(via YouBet), sports (via sportbet),stocks(etrade),and varios online casinos. I'm losing at horses, and sports, winning a little in stocks, and winning the most at casino games(no big hits either). Go figure???
    It seems I do my best soom after first playing at a new casino. Like they suck you in by allowing you to win a bit at first only to slowly get it back over subsequent sessions.
    Logic tells me they arn't fixed, but my instinks tell me they are.

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    Ricky Points for Tags Given Guest
    Of course they are fixed!!!! How can they not be?
    Who is winning? They are! Maybe steve is not as dumb as you guys are playing him!!!!

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    Nov 2003
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    I think online casino's should advertise their payout percentages on slots and video poker. If you go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, they tell you what the machines are set at. Example 92.5% payout ect. Online casino's that might have a 50% payout will not want you to know that. I say they should advertise their percentages and be prepared to prove it.

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    Sure they could say what ever they want for % payouts. How could any one prove they are correct?
    I'm getting too cynical but I can't help it something doesn't smell(play) right.

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    Soon2quit Points for Tags Given Guest
    Because online casinos run basically using
    software is not good enough to just
    advertise or claim about percentage payouts.
    Show me one claiming 101% and tell me out of
    10 how many players make it back home still
    with their bankrolls intact !!
    Roulette is supposed to be a game of random,
    but when it is being programmed to spin it is
    totally going to be different. Different coz
    it "sensed" where the big stakes are..different
    coz it has built-in calculator to conjure up how
    much it has taken in the last game and how much
    it wud be prepared to pay out for the next spin
    to the lowest stake of all on the table !!!
    I tried with $300/- and it lasts me till morning
    playing roulette online. In the end both bankroll
    and sleep were lost. Trying to be smarter, i tried
    with $1000/- the next session.....guess what ???
    The game ended so fast that i have ample time to
    clean up the house, watch tv and goodness even
    enough sleep to be fresh for work !!!
    The morale behind this story is to inform every1
    that it wud be adviseable to start with $50/- or
    $100/- stake. When u lose it quit as fast as you
    cud. Finally, if you are winning 50% of the bank-
    roll cashout and close the account.

    (***trademark of LVHM)

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    Re venge Points for Tags Given Guest
    Do you all know that there is a way a scamming microgaming software???
    yep thats right you can scam them and they dont know you are doing it!!!!
    how? well that would be telling but I will tell you you need several friends all with pcs as well as another phone line from the one you are using your pc on
    apparently I am told starnet can be HIT as well

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    Onlywhitecellsleft Points for Tags Given Guest
    I suggest in this forum that every1 who lost
    during their last 6 months of play stand out
    for body count. Maybe, from that are we able
    to ascertain whether this game about online
    casinos is all but a farce. I cannot alone be
    sure about what i think is happening cause i
    did lose quite a tidy sum and also i have noted
    how it was all lost. Like mike c i think there
    is something sinister the way the roulette spins
    and stop against my bets. No, i cannot prove it
    with evidence but the whole game is so fishy that
    i cud almost smell it !!!!!

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    Ricky Points for Tags Given Guest
    I have lost in the last six months.

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    Anonymous Points for Tags Given Guest
    [Someone wrote]
    Steve says he has played over 300,000 hands at the lucky nugget and has not hit the royal flush there. All of this really makes you wonder if online gambling is worth it

    Whoever posted this message is COMPLETELY clueless.

    Unless Steve played those 300,000 hands in a row (which is impossible), it means absolutely nothing that he didn't hit a royal flush... a royal should appear approx 1 in 40,000 hands... so if Steve logs on and plays 1000 hands, let's say, then logs off, who's to say the royal didnt appear on the 1001st hand?

    I've been watching many of the posts on this forum, and am saddened to see a bunch of children who simply lost their allowance complaining - study the rules and odds, please, people... and next time you go to a REAL casino, ask everyone if they win overall or lose. Why would that be any different that casinos online?

    if everybody won at land or 'net casinos, they wouldnt exist. Study the math! Read the odds. every game has a house edge. You're not above the house edge, don't be cocky and think losing means something is "rigged", you're doing an disservice to the industry as a whole.

    -A Concerned Reader (call me Ishmael)

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