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    Hey inetbet your message bank is full

    Not sure if this is the correct method/area but just tried sending a private message to inetbet promos and got the following message "iNetBet Promos has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."
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    Accredited Casino new rule suggestion?

    I have noticed a number of threads showing disappointment at maximum cashout limits at Casino's. This is not a cap on the amount that can be won from a ND bonus but a maximum daily/weekly limit on the amount that can be withdrawn if you manage to win something. Now these same Casino's...
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    How do you nominate a thread for post of the month

    There is a great thread called '(Australia) Limit pokie (slots) bets to $1 - Report' and a great post by JHV to this. But I can't see how to nominate this post. I know it's probably very simple but I just can't seem to see how to do it. Thanks
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    Worst GSOS score screenshots

    Post your worst GSOS score here. This score would have been a lot worse but I hit two features in the last 1000 credits. 8 rebuys and I still haven't improved on my first 'free' game. This slot sucks.
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    Does anybody play on the Grand Virtual Software casinos

    There are a number of Grand Virtual software Casino's that are on the accredited list, but you never ever see any winning screen shots from these Casinos. I have tried a few times at these Casino's but never have a decent run and have never got anywhere near a cashout. What really bugs me...
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    Something fishy with Playtech (or just sour grapes)

    I opened up an account at one of the accredited Playtech Casinos. I didn't take any bonus (because it had a 50% WR for Aussies - WTF). Yesterday, I was hitting features all over the place. Must have hit about 15 features in 1000 spins. However I went back into my account today, and didn't...
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    Moneybookers transaction limit reached

    Wondering if anybody in Casinomeister land has come across this and can help me. I use moneybookers as my method for online casino's as it allows me to directly deposit funds back into my bank account (neteller will only issue a cheque and charge $10 for it). After I withdraw from a Casino...
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    Show me the Money Screenshots (Min 1000xBet)

    Ok, we have the 'Winners Screenshots' and the '5 Scatters/5 wilds Screenshots'. But these are generally churned over with 100xBet screenies and those monsters are soon lost in the depth of these threads. I think those once in a blue moon pays that can cover wagering requirements in a single...
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    How is variance created

    I noticed the below quote from 'Rusty' in a thread about 'Allstar Slots' I used my own personal method to map the reel layouts and became apparent that the reels are changed dynamically. For example a bonus symbol may be added or removed for certain periods. (Frog on Happily ever after for...
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    Anyone know of a Playtech with fast withdrawals

    I recently starting playing at a Playtech Casino (not a Casinomeister accredited, but not a rogue either). So far I have enjoyed playing these slots (especially Gladiator and Sparta), I have also sent in all my docs and they have been approved. I use Moneybookers to make deposits and...
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    What happened to 3Dice

    I noticed that 3Dice is no longer on the Accredited Casino's list page. Have I missed something that this Casino is no longer accredited.
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    WagerWorks casino for Australian Player

    Hi All Wondering if someone here could tell me if there is a WagerWorks casino that is available for Australian players. There games look good but all the ones I have tried don't allow players from Australia. I have tried the following: Virgin Paddy Power Blue Square