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    Hey inetbet your message bank is full

    Thanks Inetbet. I can confirm I have received your contact and have sent message to you. Thanks for your prompt action.
  2. Are you looking for Novibet Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Novibet Review
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    Hey inetbet your message bank is full

    Not sure if this is the correct method/area but just tried sending a private message to inetbet promos and got the following message "iNetBet Promos has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space."
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    Winner Screenshots!

    Merry Christmas indeed Had given up on RTG a long time ago,as couldn't win anything. And didn't really need to as 32Red has been great. However for a bit of variety thought I would head over to jackpot captital (as they had given me a nd bonus). Anyway lost that and made a couple more...
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    5 Scatter/5 Wilds Screenshots

    These were about 50 spins apart. It actually doesn't pay for 5 wilds but just the top pay. Still nice though.
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    5 Scatter/5 Wilds Screenshots

    32Red has been great to me over the past couple of weeks. Here's a couple of highlights. NOTE: 5 wilds during the feature do not count towards the achievements.
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    Which of these softwares have you played? (No USA)

    All except Wagerworks. Us aussie's can't play their games, which sucks because they look pretty cool.
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    Winner Screenshots!

    Have had issue's downloading my normal RTG casino's since getting virus software. And the only one I could get working was Inetbet, am gee am I glad now. Hit my first Random RTG Jackpot and then a great hit on TRex. However just went to make a withdrawal and the max withdrawal limit via...
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    32Red Slotsmeister Exclusive Tourney

    Is there a way to find out what your spin count is up to, if your not high enough to be on the list?
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    Casino Rewards loyalty points issues

    It's also impossible to get off their promotions mailing list once they have your email. There latest beauty is for Casino Classic promoting an opportunity for Beta testing with $1100 cash, but there is only limited sets available, then there's a counter saying there's only 194 seats left which...
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    5 Scatter/5 Wilds Screenshots

    Early on I despised this slot, but now I find it is starting to grow on me.
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    Winner Screenshots!

    A couple of nice hits from a great few days. Also hit 5 scatters on Good to Go.
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    5 Scatter/5 Wilds Screenshots

    Have never really liked this game. But was having a couple of great days at 32Red and thought it was as a good time to try it again. Normally only ever get the two scatters and never hit anymore during the spins. Well this was a nice surprise. About 15 spins after this, it hit again for 4 scatters.
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    Captaincookscasino effectively stolen my money...

    I think you should get paid the full amount. If the casino wants to be active in stopping fraud/money laundering then wouldn't it be more valid to stop the deposit in the first place. Is CaptainCooks casino now going to refund all deposits made by individual's with mismatch credit cards...
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    Quick Question about slot play?

    Simmo is spot on. It's a very good way to increase the variance of a slot. It can also be used to increase your chances of cashing out (generally at the expense of playtime though). I'll explain further. Let's say you have a bankroll of $100 and will cash out if you get this up to say...
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    Have you ever played MG max bet by mistake?

    I haven't done this at MG, but I did at PartyCasino. At PartyCasino the Max Bet is set to the Maximum stake of the machine (not just the coin size you are currently playing). So I was happily playing 90 cent bets and then a little miscalculation of the mouse pointer and whack $90 gone...
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    Winner Screenshots!

    Great run at 32Red Had a dream run on 32Red last month. Here is a couple of highlights. I think there should be a new category for the Casinomeister year end awards for 'Best New Slot of the Year'. If so these are my two nominations, great machines. It's great sweating on the pie's to be...
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    Am I crazy or slots not paying true to paytable?

    What was your line bet?
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    Roulette69 issue - PAB rejected - player upset

    I am really intrigued by this. Can't wait for Max or Bryan's response. I'd love to know the full story of this one. Is the OP telling the whole truth????
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    Show me the Money Screenshots (Min 1000xBet)

    Actually sorry to be a spoil sport but at $9 a press, that means this total win is only 192xbet.
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    Accredited Casino new rule suggestion?

    I have noticed a number of threads showing disappointment at maximum cashout limits at Casino's. This is not a cap on the amount that can be won from a ND bonus but a maximum daily/weekly limit on the amount that can be withdrawn if you manage to win something. Now these same Casino's...