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  1. interlog

    My Youtube slot videos

    Thought it best to create a topic here to let all know when my next slot playing video is up on my Youtube channel. Link to the channel: Slotplayer On it you will find a Dead or Alive II wild line hunt serious that, currently, is running into episode number 10! My latest video containing...
  2. Are you looking for Royal Panda Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Royal Panda Review
  3. interlog

    Bet on Aces - slow verification / withdrawals and being ignored

    @Bet On Aces This casino has a representative. I attempted to tag him to this post but it won't let me do this, so I have sent him a private message to make him aware of this post. So on Friday 20th December I made three deposits and managed to get to a £7,750 withdrawal stage. As soon as my...
  4. interlog

    Meister Meet 2020??

    I am hazarding a guess it will be held on 5th February? Any news regarding this.... I always look forward to going to these.
  5. interlog

    Unable to withdraw at Casumo - awaiting verification of documents

    Ok... I shouldn't have deposited as I was made aware prior that I could not withdraw. So I had an email from Casumo asking for documents (ID and SOW) which I uploaded and are now awaiting approval. Stupidly I made a deposit of 200 and managed to get the balance up to 1500 that I wanted to...
  6. interlog

    Band's promotor sued for not supplying sign language interpreter

    Maybe it is my age, but what does everybody else think about this following this article: In my opinion, it is a step a little too far.
  7. interlog

    Rizk - source of wealth request

    Having already done the online tick that my source for gambling is legal they now want copies of payslips or other documents showing income. I politely told them they are not going to have them. Anybody else been contacted by them?
  8. interlog


    They are no longer showing on the posts?
  9. interlog

    Feedback Our new home - Forum issues, suggestions and tips

    And we're back. Getting used to it now. Noticed a bug.... in IE (yeah I know) you have the menu bar hovering over the page:
  10. interlog

    Feedback Videoslots not showing in top 10 accredited casinos?

    From this page on IE: With a score of 9.8, Videoslots should surely be shown?
  11. interlog

    Raging Rhino - Autoplay is back for us UK players!

    About time too. Noticed it today at Novibet casino. Yeaha - the auto play button is back including the greying out when the feature drops in.
  12. interlog

    Mr Smith casino wager free spins on deposit

    Puns anybody?
  13. interlog

    Mr Smith Casino - 100 wager free spins at £1 on Bonanza

    Not sure if this applies to everybody or only those that received the email, but had another one of these through today: I took this offer the other week and those free spins paid £70+. No max cash out restriction on the free spins either. Excellent offer in my opinion if you were going to...
  14. interlog

    From free spins to 17k Euro cashout on Casumo

    Not me, but watched this chaps stream this morning: From free spins and Casumo to a 19k balance. Worth a watch.
  15. interlog

    Feedback Youtube videos not showing any longer in Internet Explorer

    Thought it best to start a new topic so perhaps it can be fixed for the benefit of those using IE to read here. Since a day or two, Youtube videos no longer display within the posts. It just shows a black box. It appears to be an Internet Explorer issue because it displays and plays fine...
  16. interlog

    Videoslots Cashback system

    Here is one for Dan and the crew. Following some discussion in another topic about how the cashback system operates at Videoslots there appears to be some confusion how it is calculated. My understanding is as follows: Say you play at £1 a spin Playing a 90% TRTP slot, VS makes a...
  17. interlog

    Mega Fortune jackpot won

    Just had an email from Maria Casino nicely letting me know that one of their players won the Mega Fortune Jackpot. No prizes for guessing from which country that player came.
  18. interlog

    Somebody is having a laugh - deposit bonus to the extreme?

    Just received this one from Maria casino: Interesting... let's look at the T's and Cs: No thank you!!! They are surely having a big laugh here??
  19. interlog

    Trip to Malta - opportunities to ask questions off Scientific Games and Videoslots

    As some of you may be aware, I recently won a VIP trip to Malta courtesy of Videoslots casino. The trip is planned to happen in August of this year, when the weather (hopefully!) is going to be kind to us. Part of the trip is the opportunity to meet a representative of Scientific Games who...
  20. interlog

    Spam email from

    Domain name associated with this website has only been registered yesterday and I am getting spammed promoting Thrills. Anybody else experience the same?
  21. interlog

    Bruce Lee slot - has if changed?

    I noticed that WMS has been tinkering with some slots and has taken away the auto play button. One of these slots is Bruce Lee. It used to give me some play time but ever since that change bonuses are harder to trigger and the dead spins have increased. Is anybody else that plays this slot...