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  1. MichaelBluejay

    Introduction from Michael Bluejay / Easy Vegas

    Hi, I'm Michael Bluejay, most known for my website Easy Vegas. I've actually been a member here since 2004, but I don't think I did the introduction thing before now. I don't participate in forums much, including this one, but sometimes I check them to see if there are any questions I can...
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  3. MichaelBluejay

    Question Which of these Vegas casino lists do you like better?

    I've got two lists of Vegas casinos on my site, one static and one interactive. I'm trying to figure out which one to make the default (linked from the main menu). So, which do you like better? Static or Interactive
  4. MichaelBluejay

    Idea for combatting problem gambling

    I know many people are unconcerned with problem gambling, and dismiss the idea by blaming the gambler for not having more self-control. There are two powerful arguments against that. First, in recent years psychological research has demonstrated conclusively that the part of the brain...
  5. MichaelBluejay

    How long to wait for a response from a casino rep before posting a complaint?

    The instructions for posting a complaint say that I must notify the casino rep first. (1) How long should I wait for a response from the rep before I can consider them non-responsive and go ahead and post my complaint? 24, 36, 48 hours, 1 week, what? (2) Whatever that time period is, can...
  6. MichaelBluejay

    Software Complaint Please consider Rogue-ing Betsoft software and Warning about

    I'm writing to ask our friendly neighborhood Casinomeister to consider adding Betsoft to the list of bad software providers, and to issue a Warning about Betsoft: (1) Recently, a player at lined up five jackpot symbols on the payline on the Betsoft game The Glam Life...
  7. MichaelBluejay

    Accreditation criteria: Free-play games return as much as real-money games?

    Here's an idea for an additional criterion for becoming an accredited casino: the free-play games should have the same odds as the real-money games. I imagine that's already the case at most casinos, and almost certainly all casinos that are already accredited, but by having it be an explicit...
  8. MichaelBluejay

    Is this player entitled to a payout?

    I’m writing to ask for the community’s opinion on whether a player is owed a payout. I run an affiliate website where I advertise an online casino, and I offer to mediate in case a visitor clicks over to it from my site, plays there, and has a problem they can’t resolve with the casino. It’s...