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  1. mack341

    Ennio Morricone has passed away

    Italian film composer Ennio Morricone dies aged 91 sad news, but a good innings of 91. created lots of great movie music, without which the films wouldn't have been the same classics.
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  3. mack341

    Tower of time free from the GOG website

    I don't know if this is a good game, an isometric rpg, but I had an email yesterday which I just noticed. It's rated 9/10 on steam so could be good.
  4. mack341

    Spam Email from so called tipsters

    The last few days I seem to be getting spam or affliate emails from the same outfit, the style of email is very similar and basic, though the addresses are different. today's was titled 'EASY christmas money...' Hey Friend, Read on if you want to bank some easy cash before Christmas. This...
  5. mack341

    Autoplay and google chrome problem

    Not sure if this is the correct thread to post this issue, but if I set a game onto autoplay (say doa2) and then open another window in order to read the forum while the autoplay runs in the background, the autoplay stops. If I return to the game the autoplay starts up again. This is a very...
  6. mack341

    strange (but possibly uninteresting) thing noticed on raging rhino

    I noticed on RR at ladbrokes the other day that on the very spin when the bonus triggers the balance drops by more than the cost of the spin. So if you watch the balance, prior to the reels landing but after pressing spin, it'll suddenly drop by say twice the cost of the spin and then you know...
  7. mack341

    Big game hunter scumbags

    Just seen a story on the daily mail about a texas woman gloating about killing a black giraffe in south africa, then she ate it and had various items made from its skin and said she was proud of killing it :mad::mad::mad: this bs has got to end...where the f*ck are all the world governing...
  8. mack341

    coral's continuing slots revamp

    Not sure if this is worthy of a thread but couldn't really add it anywhere, probably only of interest to players who frequent the uk bookie sites for slots Just logged in tonight to Coral to see they've now added PLAY N GO slots, I'll have to check the rtp mind you... added to netent and...
  9. mack341

    Atheism, Marxism, and all that other stuff

    I would love to debate and discuss David's post but I seemed to have developed foggy brain syndrome :oops: I noticed the surname 'maxwell' was mentioned, and immediately I thought 'robert maxwell' :laugh: so I suspect I'll have to do a bit of research before I can contribute to this discussion :(
  10. mack341

    Family TV shows linked to online betting games 'are fuelling Britain's gambling problem'

    Another gambling article in the daily mail, dated 5th april, must've been put up last night just in time for the saturday print edition. Family TV shows linked to online betting games 'are fuelling Britain's gambling problem' | Daily Mail Online some snippets: "The Britain’s Got Talent and X...
  11. mack341

    Raging rhino auto play back!

    Don't know if this has been mentioned anywhere today but just playing raging rhino at w.hill, done about 500 spins manually and then I noticed the circle arrow icon on the left hand part of the screen, and it's working, why they suddenly fixed this now after 3 years heaven knows but it's a...
  12. mack341

    dragon born megaways?

    just on ladbrokes tonight and seen under their new games section 'dragon born' megaways anyone know anything about it or played it?
  13. mack341

    Addicts paid to keep gambling

    Just seen this new article on the daily mail about one of their reporters doing an undercover investigation on bet365, doesn't seem particularly shocking to me or full of revelations. Addicts paid to keep gambling: UK's top online betting firm Bet365 gives losers cash | Daily Mail Online I...
  14. mack341

    Happy Birthday Goatwack !!

    To a forum maestro and all round great bloke, happy birthday! hope you have a lovely day :cheers:
  15. mack341

    Betting firms who target youngsters in adverts will face unlimited fines

    Just browsing the daily fail online site and came across this article: Betting firms who target youngsters in adverts will face unlimited fines | Daily Mail Online What I don't understand is there are loads of games with graphics that could appeal to youngsters "In June, the Advertising...
  16. mack341

    Gambling operators 'should be forced to pay 1% of their profits to help tackle addiction to betting'

    Not sure if this is the right thread for this new article I read on the mail online tonight: UK Betting companies should donate profits to addiction charities | Daily Mail Online Very sad story about the young man, Jack Ritchie, commiting suicide. I think the £2 maximum stake could come in as...