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  1. snorky510238

    Genuinely bothered or not?

    I cannot help but notice that since the coronavirus lockdown was put in place I have received more marketing from Casinos than ever. I suppose you would expect that as business is business and there is a huge opportunity for Casinos to get new players on board but what I do find amusing is the...
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  3. snorky510238

    New providers and Casinos missing out.

    The title might not be the best but I thought it may get Casinos and providers to read it. Now this might be unique to me but I highly doubt it. I have recently seen a lot of new games appearing and some of them by providers that to me at least are relatively new to the market. In particular...
  4. snorky510238

    Strange discovery playing Bonanza

    Okay I have already posted this on the Bonanza thread but it didn’t receive much response or explanation. Basically I logged into a Casino played Bonanza and disabled the sound via options. I then logged out and a few hours later logged into another Casino and again played Bonanza. Forgetting...
  5. snorky510238

    You can’t fool me that easily.

    Or have I missed something?:rolleyes:
  6. snorky510238

    DON’T open the box.

    Okay I wasn’t quite sure of the best section to post this but settled for this one. It’s not a quit gambling solution as such, more a sort of tool to help you control your gambling and have more awareness of how much you are spending. It’s a very simple idea that can be used to help quit...
  7. snorky510238

    Anybody having issues at Casumo?

    I have stuck with Casumo for quite a while but the experience playing on a mobile there is becoming painstakingly tiresome. For sometime now I haven’t been able to load any Netent games. I have managed to live with that as I only play a handful of them. Although it has cost me quite a lot in...
  8. snorky510238

    Providers moving the goal posts

    Ok I know I am a tinfoiler but usually I can live with reel sets being changed blah blah and whatever else is considered legitimate in this world of invisible governing bodies. However this one has really got me questioning whether I trust any of it anymore. Now I play the same games over and...
  9. snorky510238

    Can anybody explain this?

    I only play on a mobile and I do have the odd issue some days with certain things like constantly finding when I return to the lobby from a game I have been logged out yet my balance has recorded perfectly. I always have problems with Btg especially Chilli and DHV not loading straight off then...
  10. snorky510238

    Any ideas? I don’t get email notifications for watched threads

    I am not the best with technology but since the server change I don’t get email notifications for watched threads. It may well be something I have pressed by accident. I just wondered if anyone else has had the same problem, Any ideas on this would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. snorky510238

    FA Cup

    As a youngster since around the age of 5 it has always been my dream for Wolves to win the FA Cup. Those dreams have never really come close to fruition nearly 50 years on. Beaten semi finalists on a few occasions and that’s about it. I grew up in a small rural village and my friends all...
  12. snorky510238

    Volume issues

    Just wondering if anyone else has had issues regarding volume on any sites. I play on a mobile and played 2 sites last night and couldn’t get volume at either. It could be something I have pressed by accident but the volume on YouTube is fine. Any thoughts/help would be much appreciated thanks.
  13. snorky510238

    Mystery shopper “spills the beans”

    By the thread title you are probably thinking why didn’t they use stronger carrier bags etc. Anyway I live in an area that has 5 shops that belong to one of the best known chain of bookmakers. Everybody knows everybody pretty much by sight and my friend manages one of the shops. I called in on...
  14. snorky510238

    Any experts on the Napoleon game?

    Ok most games I find reasonably easy to follow the payouts or subconsciously work them out through repetitive play. However Napoleon is a game I haven’t really got to grips with understanding properly. I had a go on it this evening and had a few nice hitsHowever during the bonus at the bottom of...
  15. snorky510238

    Bad practice IMO

    Yesterday I received an email from one of the Nektan group offering me a 100% bonus with a code to use upon deposit. I did this only to find the bonus was not credited. I go to live chat where I am told the system won’t allow it because it would take me over the 30% bonus v deposit ratio. My...
  16. snorky510238

    How much do you think?

    Ok how much do you think is deposited daily on average at one of the ‘top’ online casinos? You can only make a well educated guess at the answer to this question and even then you could be a million miles away but I would really like to see what sort of range we think is possible.
  17. snorky510238

    A question for all casinos

    Ok this may seem a bit trivial and it’s probably more of an annoyance than anything. Why when we are sent an email saying we have received free spins is the value VERY RARELY MENTIONED and secondly 90% of the time they are strictly not free as they are only granted upon a deposit. I mean very...
  18. snorky510238

    No messing around at VS

    The card I use to deposit expired recently so I got a replacement as normal and continued to deposit. Being lazy I didn’t bother to verify at a couple of places then had a bit of luck nothing massive at VS. Went to withdraw and needed to verify the new card. Not particularly bothered as I NEVER...
  19. snorky510238

    Same outcome 99% of the time.

    Big bad wolf. I have commented on this slot before regarding the bonus round. It leaves me in no doubt it’s predetermined and extremely badly programmed. The issue in the bonus round is that every time you get to the third house where wins are x2 with 12+ spins it goes into death mode and kills...
  20. snorky510238

    Bad bonus rounds becoming the norm.

    I can’t help but notice recently that game time and bonus rounds seem to be getting worse by the day. I only low roll as I am well aware that can be expensive enough and haven’t got the nerve or the faith to spin more than 50p. What I do do find continuously on most games is they all follow a...
  21. snorky510238

    FOBTS are still at it

    I fancied a bet on the football today so I thought I would place it in cash at one of the major high street bookmakers. I hadn’t been in for a while and a friend of mine is the manager there. I used to spend maybe in the region of £100 a week on football bets and low rolling the FOBTS. After...