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    I should set up a Neteller account instead of waiting for my check :notworthy:
  2. Are you looking for Unibet Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Unibet Review
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    online casino

    As a newby, my experience is OK with iVegas. Just got a confirmation from them that I'm getting my check. Sweet, I didn't waste my time. :lolup:
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    online casino

    Every since eBay bought Paypal, Paypal no longer accepted on-line gambling transactions. Listen to admin and use NETeller, it is just like Paypal. If you haven't set up a NETeller account yet, I found a site that is offering $25 without any deposit requirements: Check it out...
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    First Web is now Viper

    Where can I read up on Viper?
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    prepaid atm

    I believe this depends which state you're in.
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    People STOP Playing At Casinos that forces you to send in

    I'm just taking a guess, a SS# is sent to a site where it is processed. The sender is then informed if the SS# matches the name or not, but without disclosing personal information. :lol:
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    Riverbelle has the Viper software now

    Hi, What is a Viper Software and where can I read up about it? Thanks
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    Proprietary Software

    New to forum. My questions are similar to 'unbelievable', but I do have other questions as well. Where can I read up on these software programs: Microgaming, RTG, Boss & Playtech, etc.? Are there others and where would I find this programs? I really appreciate if you can help me. Thanks in...