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  1. BrianGhattas

    I keep getting SMS texts from random casinos.

    For a year I’ve been getting constant “offers” from casinos to join them. Most of them are casinos I’ve never heard of but among them is Leo Vegas. Even if you block their numbers they continue to text me from another number. Does anybody else have this issue and is there a solution? Our...
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  3. BrianGhattas

    Canadian ramblings, NetEnt, and other stuff

    Nobody in Canada except serious online gamblers even knows who Net Entertainment is. I can't see Doug Ford bringing in a European company to PlayOLG. Maybe back in 2016 but now, Net Ent is a shell of its former self. Ontario is changing, though. Doug finally is adding SG and my Ontario local...
  4. BrianGhattas

    Mobile Playtech slots (Great Blue)

    Leo Vegas has added mobile versions of Playtech slots, including their iconic Great Blue. However, they can not be played with bonus funds. Tempting to play it but I’ve had terrible luck on Leo Vegas with zero cashouts in 2017. $25 probably won’t hurt, though. I’ve never come close to topping...
  5. BrianGhattas

    Jackpot City comic book!

    Some time ago, Jackpot City (who simply refuse to leave me alone) sent me a comic book featuring Lara Croft, Agent 47 from Hitman and the Girls With Guns. Has anybody ever gotten this in the mail? They even put my name in it. Not interested in gambling on a Microgaming-only casino as is...
  6. BrianGhattas

    Double Ball roulette.

    They added this game a couple of months ago and I would really love to get a 1300x win in this game to add to my collection of max hits. I am $300 ahead in gambling this year and now would be a good opportunity to go all or nothing in getting this rarest of wins. Anybody here have a 1300x win or...
  7. BrianGhattas

    I had to create a new account.

    This is BrianGhattas. I was using Facebook to log in but it has been down for several days and that meant that I could not post in any forums. I had to create a new account. If CM can fix the issue with logging in via Facebook, I'll return to that account.
  8. BrianGhattas

    Grey market, black market, white market: What country is what?

    When CasinoTwitcher is asked to play WMS games on his stream, he has to tell people that they are blocked in Norway and puts up an automated post. Norway is referred as a "Grey Market". I was wondering what kind of "market" is each country. Pretty clear the U.K. is a "White Market" as gambling...
  9. BrianGhattas

    Super Casino? Any opinions?

    http:// They offer PayPal and they have Great Blue since they seem to be a PlayTech casino. Is it worth it for my Great Blue/Marilyn Monroe fix or should I just stick to VSO and Slots Millions?
  10. BrianGhattas

    Do you have a different reaction when you get a big hit on a slot?

    When I had the max hits on Twin $pin and Drive, my reaction was muted since I had not cleared the bonus. On the other hand, when I got a 725x hit in Deck The Halls two weeks ago I was laughing like Doink The Clown when the money was counting up because I could cash it all out as there was no...
  11. BrianGhattas


    My name is Brian. I actually was a member here years ago but I never posted. I had to make a new account as the old one had become dormant. I play slots and some video poker and blackjack. I game at my two locals in the Ottawa-Gatineau area as well as online. I've only gambled on European...