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  1. slotplayer

    Domains for Sale

    I'm selling the following domains. Visit the domain for more details. The broker is GoDaddy. PM an offer if you like. PayPal accepted. - valued at: $1285.00 (Creation Date: 2010-03-16) - valued at $1186.00 (Creation Date: 2010-03-16)
  2. Are you looking for Trada Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Trada Review
  3. slotplayer

    Today is the Day ...

    Today is March 4th 2014, my last online casino deposit was March 4th 2012. Don't even miss it. Can't believe its been this long.
  4. slotplayer

    Question Casino Bonuses?

    I've visited a bunch of sites looking for a decent explaination of bonuses, they all say different things some completely contradicting each other so I'm not sure what to believe. please correct me if I have it wrong but this is how I understand it. 1: a cashable bonus is neither sticky...
  5. slotplayer

    Free MG Slots

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone outside the usa can test my free microgaming slots overlay. They don't see to get much play and i'm trying to figure out why. Maybe the page loads to slow.. I can't really tell as there is no tracking other than the page visit, there is no affiliate link...
  6. slotplayer

    5 Campaign Fibs

    here is a good article on campaign fibs regarding the economy from US News.
  7. slotplayer

    So where are all

    So where are all my fellow political junkies? Taking a break or just in shock over the state of the union? I do admit with all the info we're bombarded with 24/7 it can be exhausting. btw where is footdr? I hope we didn't chase her away.
  8. slotplayer

    Parlay Games

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone plays games from Parlay Entertainment? Any comments would be appreciated. thanks Slotplayer
  9. slotplayer

    RTG Question

    This question is for RTG real money players. I have a couple of RTG's installed but are only registered in fun mode. When I launch the casino I can select play for fun or play for real. Once you play for real does it still give you that option when you first launch the casino? If so...
  10. slotplayer

    What games have you hit ...

    Hello All, What games have you hit 5 symbols of, basically scatters, wilds, jackpot symbols? Not counting Wild symbols to complete the payline. Off the top of my head I hit the 5 scatters on Tomb Raider twice and the 5 bunnies on Halloweenies. Cheers, Slotplayer
  11. slotplayer

    Jackpot Capital

    Hello All, Happy New Year. I received a CD in the mail from Jackpot Capital. I guess it's RTG. Has anyone played there? Are they reputable? I just glanced at the promotional material and then tossed the CD. Good Luck in the New Year! Cheers, Slotplayer
  12. slotplayer

    Bonus Play Slots

    Perhaps I'm a day late but I made a trip to a land casino after 11 months off. Although I saw the comp cards before I never signed up for one until the shuttle driver handed us a card with $10 free bonus credits. It appears the land casinos are jumping on the bonus credit band wagon. Many of...
  13. slotplayer

    MG Jackpot Thermometer

    The Microgaming Casino Lobby features a Jackpot Thermometer ranging from 80 to 999 for each game. The reading indicates the last time a jackpot was won. The formula is 80 + (the last time a jackpot was won/average time between jackpots) * 100. A high number indicates the jackpot hasn't been...
  14. slotplayer

    Adding a Signature

    hi, how can I add my signature? the html is off. thanks slot player