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    Birthday Happy Birthday BrianGhattas

    Happy Birthday to @BrianGhattas you Ottawa guy! :)
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    Birthday Happy birthday to Jono!

    2nd big birthday on the day here at casinomeister... Happy birthday to my best bud on here @Jono777 Oh noooooooooo where's Jonoooooooooo?:D
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    Birthday Happy birthday Jasminebed!

    Big birthday month here at casinomeister and 2 big birthday's in 1 day! First..... Happy birthday to @Jasminebed! :)
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    Birthday Happy Birthday Helena

    Hope it is o.k. to wish you a happy birthday @helenakp! :) Did not realize you were that old now.:p
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    Is Intertops still safe?

    So missing the old days and @Jono777 and my posts in the winners screenshot thread about the old days,lol what is the update with Intertops? I don't see them listed anywhere on casinomeister @LadyJelena ? Is it o.k. or safe to play with them still? Not saying I will be playing as I have to look...
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    Winner Screenshots-June 2020

    1st I guess, .10 cent denom .90 bet for $90.80 win
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    Is betsafe still safe?

    Hi all I saw that you can play multiple slots on betsafe, I did check the accredited list on here and they were on there, Do they have a rep? Also are they still good and safe to play on. Maybe @LadyJelena, @Casinomeister @maxd and anyone else with experience on there. Thanks! :)
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    U.K. peeps what do you think of this?

    Oh boy I see goatwack incoming on this one,lol. I know some quirky U.K. language such as GIT, JAMMY GIT, TELE, "FOOTBALL" (IT'S FKN SOCCER!),jono just taught me SKINT, BLOODY HELL, BOLLOCKS:p To be honest the list could have been longer or different. 10+ American things that confuse the heck...
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    Who else misses the "Good Ole Days"?

    I know @Jono777 says he does and I certainly do, I miss the simpler times and happier times. Everyone was more civilized and friendly and there was customer service. I am working on small things to go back to that time somewhat, I have an HD stick thingy with all the old video games on it...
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    Unemployed man with last $4 in account wins over 1 million on Poker Stars

    I got this one @News Hound :p We were talking poker at work today and how it might be a good time to get back into it as traffic will surely...
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    Who's playing online Corona Virus edition!

    A new thread to help people maybe get away from the news and have some fun! Playing on videoslots and after a bad start, DOA 2 came alive for a short time, hit some hits on Creature of the Black Lagoon and just hit this, over 300x! Going to do a withdraw to get some of the deposit back and...
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    I'm sorry

    Hey all I just wanted to say sorry to some for some of my posts if they came across angry or not right, some of them were and most of them are sarcastic but have not put smilies or worded them the best. I am on the edge and stressed out to the max even before all this virus stuff but this...
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    Breaking news! New netent releases

    maybe better not. Almost forgot no happiness.
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    Good converstaion with a Club World Casino

    So the last 2 days I have had a good conversation with a Club World owned Casino as they emailed me wondering why I have not played in a while. I thought it was new owners? This customer service rep is saying it's the original owners since 11 years ago and that any confusion/issues with forums...
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    New Slot Announcement T-Rex 2 Real Time Gaming

    Why is this the 1st I have heard of this, T- rex 2 has been released by Real Time Gaming! Where is Dunover and or Harry?!:D T-Rex II has finally arrived roaring fresh designs, strong bonus features and two local progressive jackpots! T-Rex II is a 5-reel video slot with 25 pay-lines. As a high...
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    Birthday Happy birthday Chayton

    Happy birthday to fellow Canadian Chayton!:)
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    Slots Night Live!

    Permission granted from a mod if he remembers,lol. Are you ready for what could be the 1st ever slots show? Are you tired of watching streamers you can't relate with due to the enormous bet sizes that they do? Would you like information on casino's, provider's and what slots to play especially...
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    Member announcement!

    GOATWACK is now "blue". Are we in trouble now!:eek:
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    Megaways Has Arrived at Playolg!

    Megaways has arrived at play olg fellow Canadians!:eek: Battleship megaways is now available to play!:D
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    Happy birthday greylady!

    Happy birthday to greylady who will now be known as very greylady!:D:cheers: