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  1. the Shamus

    High 5 Games - Slot Hits 316

    Hi Folks. I have been playing High 5 Games extensively recently. I am releasing a series on them! I hope it gets you curious ... so you want to see more! /\/\/\/\ the Shamus /\/\/\/\
  2. Are you looking for Unibet Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Unibet Review
  3. the Shamus

    There first try at COVID gaming in a casino!

    Your Slot Hits 30: Reel Slot Story 38: We are starting to get some US casino play ... Canadian casinos can only have 50 people! Many are not open! Take care all!
  4. the Shamus

    Reel Decision Point 40 ! Valletta! Mega win!

    That Blubsy is up to his old tricks !
  5. the Shamus

    3 Pragmatic Play !

    This company is so much like North American slots in many ways. All hits were at least 100x! Here are some examples: Slot Hits 312: All hits at least 100x ! Slot Hits 313: My first COVID haircut ! Slot Snack 91: Smarties vs M & M 's
  6. the Shamus

    Two from Scientific Games ...

    Scientific Games runs the site PLAYOLG.COM ... but it is only allows for Ontario, Canada. These games are likely on some of your internet sites!
  7. the Shamus

    Canada Day and The 4th of July

    We celebrated 2 great holidays in North Anerica! First ... Canada Day (July 1st): 4th of July (America's Birthday): I appreciate any feedback you have! /\/\/\/ the Shamus /\/\/\/\
  8. the Shamus

    Nolimit City - 3 Great Videos !

    No Limit City is a fine newer company ... and I love some of these game. Check out over 30 minutes of various slot hit video! I play for fun! Slot Hits 309: Slot Hits 310: Slot Hits 311: /\/\/\/\ the Shamus /\/\/\/\
  9. the Shamus


    My latest YOU TUBE video switches from North American casino gaming ... to iGAMING with all your favorites!
  10. the Shamus

    The Shamus is on iGAMING!

  11. the Shamus

    It's Been a While Since I've introduced myself!

    Hello All! I am 'The Shamus Of Slots'. I have been on various forums as early as 15 years ago. I've been on Casinameister for the last 10 years! I had a broke stroke (and am disabled), I had a heart transplant 3 years ago. I have posted on You Tube for over 10 years. I post on mostly North...
  12. the Shamus

    The Shamus is from Canada !

    Hi Folks: I have been a CASINOMEISTER for almost 10 years but I have not logged on here! I have been playing at North America casinos and putting my play online over 10 years. With casinos currently closed, I have shifted to online play! Every few night, I steam my play (Slot Mole is usually...
  13. the Shamus

    From a Canadian Perspective !

    Hey Folks: In Canada, the gambling in a provincial manner! Like the US, gamblers are mostly casino bounds. About 90% in my province of Ontario (Toronto). With all the casinos closed, people are looking for stuff to do (besides die). In Canada (unlike our US neighbors), Internet gambling is...
  14. the Shamus

    Ramping up for online CASINO!

    Hi Folk: With many people stuck at home, and all North American casinos closed --- I started to visit beyond my province (in Canada) to join this huge universe of the Internet! I don't see much put out in North America, so, I started broadcasting live on You Tube, on the same site you visit!
  15. the Shamus


    When I visited the G2E 2019 this year, I still had a chance to find plenty new slots at casinos around Las Vegas! Yes, this was real money!
  16. the Shamus

    Reel Decision Point!

    This series still lives! When I have a story to tell ... this is it!
  17. the Shamus

    Slot Hits is appraching 300 videos!

    Yes ... Slot Hits was my first video almost 10 years ago. Soon we will hit 300 -- still chuggin' after all these years! My latest!
  18. the Shamus

    A Slot Snack !

    SLOT SNACK has more new stuff! Food and fun! Slot Snack 76 Slot Slack 77 Slot Snack 78
  19. the Shamus

    The PAST year! New videos!

    My MOM gets a big win for us low rollers! A little look back on 2020! 9000 REAL SUBSCRIBERS!