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    VISA Direct Casinos

    Could we get a list together for casinos that supports VISA Direct? And preferably Casinos that process your payment almost straight away? Videoslots I know of, any others?
  2. Are you looking for Trada Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Trada Review
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    Rizk races not showing up for me

    Does anyone else have issues that the Rizk races are not showing up for themselves? I'm in the UK if that is of any helpes. I don't even have a tab on the menu which says races anymore. Support have told me so far there shouldn't be any issues and asked me to try different browser, clear...
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    Rainbow riches Jackpot O'Luck - Faulty game?

    Hi all, I just wanted your opinion on this to see if I am misinterpreting the rules of the game (It's on Gamesys networks like Virgin Games, Starspins etc). Basically I hit the freespins, where you can "pick" for extra freespins, multiplier and letters to get the jackpot. I hit 4x multipler...
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    IP address banned

    Hey! I'm getting a strange error saying that my IP address is banned if I log in via my computer, is anyone else experiencing this?
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    Conquestador also on GAMSTOP from 27th January.

    Just received this email : " Hello As part of our commitment to providing you with a safe, responsible gambling experience, we have decided to join GAMSTOP. GAMSTOP is the UK's national online self-exclusion scheme, which enables players to self-exclude from multiple gambling operators at...
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    Sunny Scoops, what happened to it?

    It was a really good game by Thunderkick and was replaced with the really bad one named Sunset Delights. Had some brilliant wins on that one, was there something wrong with it?
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    Blitz Mode on Casinoheroes, is this what gambling has come to?

    So I noticed some streamers play this Blitz Mode which Casinoheroes has for a selected of netent games (Casino Heroes) Basically, you choose your stake and number of games you want to play and their system plays the game in very quick succession and displays what you win without actually...
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    Best high RTP (97%+) and high volatility slots?

    As title, which slots has high volatility but with a high RTP on them?
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    "New" BTG/Blueprint slot, Slot O Gold Megaways

    Another one from BTG where they have taken the original and added on Megaways with Jackpot King RTP is quite good miles better than the original which was around 92% or so.and the respin wilds has a rather interesting random multiplier. I do like these BTG slots as they are much better because...
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    Would casinos act differently towards players who signed up through an affiliate?

    Just a curious question really.. Affilated tagged players means casinos would not get as much money from them compared to a normal "clean" signup. So, would they either give more promos to the affilated player, so the player would deposit more so they would get more money. Or would they tend...
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    Irish Riches - Bonanza clone with Jackpot King

    Is now available on Sky Vegas, not sure on other sites yet. Irish Riches A few things I noticed.. The RTP is actually pretty high! Being a Jackpot King game it's usually around 90-92%, but this has actually 95.93% which is very high for being a jackpot game. Maybe it's a good grinding game to...
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    Rizk Summer Promotions

    So, I randomly logged in a few days ago and they are running their "pick a random prize" thing again. I got no email, and it's not even mentioned on their Insider News thing, so they kept this quiet! Anyway, anyone got anything decent? I got 2x 10 superspins on level up and I also today got 25x...
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    Why is there no nudity in Slots?

    I mean, sex sells right? Slots are 18 years old age limit, why are we stuck with all these childish looking slot most of the time and is there a reason why there is no proper adult slot? I get that streamers and youtubers won't be able to show them, but still.
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    Can't quickspin or stop spin at Rizk anymore

    I'm guessing it's because of UKGC, I think Sky has had it for a little while. It's for Netent games only so far. It's so annoying, especially if you are playing the races. If it gets introduced for the Big Wolf race at 17:30, you got no chance to complete it all.
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    Resolved Highroller sent me a responsible gaming email without me being signed up by them!

    Hello *name*, So I just got this email from Highroller ( "We hope this email finds you well. As you may remember, we sent you an email to advise you of your Responsible Gaming tools, from our records it seems you haven’t got round to checking them out just yet. We care...
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    What is the true story behind The Frankstein slot by Netent?

    So, as far I've heard the slot was pulled because you could basically force a certain outcome during the bonus rounds, something to do with the multipliers. Now that they are back out there and that has been fixed, could anyone shed some light on how you could cheat the slot? It shouldn't...
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    Red Tigers Golden Offer, what is the max they could offer me?

    So I triggered the Golden Offer, but it does not say in the help file or paytable what the potential they could offer me is. The first offer is 55x, don't know to accept it or decline. Does anyone know?
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    How much cost is it for a casino to process withdraws quickly?

    So, I am just wondering about this. LeoVegas, Rizk, VideoSlots, Trada they all process withdraws instantly, maybe maximum 2 hours and if you contact support they are more than happy to process it for you. In this time and age, quick withdraws are one of the key things to a good casino. So...
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    Betway refusing to honor their own Welcome Promo

    So I've been signed up to them for a while, but actually not deposited until I received an email 2nd February,saying I could receive 200% match bonus. Their terms: *Terms and Conditions apply. See below for more details. Match Bonuses: This offer is valid until 23:59 UTC Monday, for...
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    Suggestion Videoslots Improvement thread

    So Videoslots in general is a pretty good site, but there is a few things I would like to see changed, please feel free to come up with other suggestions, but keep the thread to suggestions only, there are other threads for general chat. Banking: * When depositing, why must I keep adding in...