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    Is ADR (eCOGRA) only for the UK citizens?

    Nobody know? Want to add that I was speaking about UKGC licensed casinos. Can people from other countries submit their disputes via eCORGA for UK-licensed casinos?
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    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Novibet Review
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    Is ADR (eCOGRA) only for the UK citizens?

    I'm sure CM himself know, but maybe someone else can help too. Can non-UK citizens file complaints under ADR via eCOGRA? I can't find nothing against it in there rules, but I was told that they refuse based on citizenship.
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    What about news?

    CM, you had good news section with monthly archives easy to navigate. With new design I can't see any news except for several of the latest :(. Am I blind or you don't have any news archive now? Is it possible to find and read some previous month news?
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    Сheating stolen netent casino

    As Ivan said, it's part of popular in Russia scheme "get free $250 in real money on special account, play, earn and get your % of winnings". Of course nobody pay you, they hope you will deposit your money, because it was so easy to win at "free account". I know another one such casino used by...
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    Preliminary generation of the games outcomes

    Danger to the casino is understood, but we are talking from the players point of view... I understand that risks to casino increase risk to players, but I doubt that hack this system is easier than hacking player's account on the casino server setting +1000 USD :).
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    Preliminary generation of the games outcomes

    We had a sort of argument at Russian forum about what European/US/etc. players think about preliminary generation of the games outcomes. So I hope to hear it first hand :). I mean usually we press "spin" or "deal" button and RNG generates the result immediately. But what if the same RNG will...
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    Any games with players edge left?

    I remember one-deck BJ at Boss Media with +0,13% EV. At Wizard of Odds I found "As far as I know, the only Boss Media casino to offer this game is the Two Sixes casino." Crypto had All American VP with 99,95% plus 0,1% comp points made it positive, but payout was reduced. I think RTG had some...
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    Criminals at Hot Pepper

    What's the reason to rogue closed casino? Russian version of Hot Pepper worked in December (at least I could login), but even .ru site don't work now. AFAIK belongs (or belonged) to the same group.
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    End of the road for CryptoLogic software...?

    Crypto has a new one - (from BossMedia Poker Heaven). They reported several other agreament for 2009, I expect their Russian casino :).
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    Lowest Wager Casino Bonuses

    Vegas Towers has 0 WR, though bonus is sticky. Slotland promise 10x, but I didn't play there.
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    Sky Kings (playtech)

    WH has some sort of join venture with PlayTech. CPays is a part of the deal, they will operate under WH and WH will change soft to PT. I think it should be in news around Nov08.
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    Given a bonus of 50€ for spotting an error!

    SlotMonster, you can lose, but casino will be around 0 regardless personal wins or losses at roulette. And Martingale doesn't change it too. So 0% roulette should be really zero for casino. While skilled-based games as VP or BJ can be profitable of course. I don't know about betvoyager, but...
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    can any of u help me

    Many bingo sites gives no-deposits, but you can't withdraw from most of them AFAIK :(. I succesfully withdrew at Bet365 Bingo though :). Lucky me, I was there at the first week with not much players and great odds :).
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    sub affiliates

    About half of affiliate programs have up to 10 tiers. I recommend to join GPWA, they have separate forum for tired sign-up... And any program that is advertised on GPWA or CAP probably have subaffiliates ;).
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    Micrograming Roulette Table Games

    Each player gets his/her own numbers playing roulette or any other game. At live dealer roulette all players get the same results.
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    Need slots info

    Wow, KK you even removed your signature in the post :). Thanks for the site, it's slotbeaters I was referring to first time.
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    Need slots info

    Thanks for being helpful, that's what the forum for... You are partially right. I need payout info as a player and slots reviews as a webmaster. But I'd like to offer site owner info exchange. I'm CAP and GPWA member, my sites have GPWA seal so I don't steal content.
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    Need slots info

    I remember visiting a site with payout % tables for several popular slots from different software (link was found here at CM forum), can't find it now :(. Also I'm looking for nice slot review sites... I'm interested in info about slots from different casino soft, preferably with search...
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    Info on VueTec casinos - DublinBet

    No problem really, just play $100 chips ;). Comparing to other casinos these WR are quite low.
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    Brandy, whats going on?

    Does anyone have info on Brandy? I've heard that they do not work for about 2 weeks (no connection to server). Support gives rare replies about technical problems, nothing on their own forums... Maybe they have problem with PlayTech or what?