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    How I quit

    Although this (quit gambling) forum isn't seeing much action I'd like to share this with anyone out there struggling with addiction. It's what has worked for me but is dependant upon you being able to get the drug naltrexone; " The Sinclair Method is a treatment for alcoholism based on the...
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    what are your most shameful gambling moments?

    Might be healthy to reflect on why we're trying to not gamble anymore. For me my worst moments: 1. Gambling $700 bond deposit I was meant to return to my roommate even though I knew he needed it for his next place. He was, after the initial anger, very understanding and even came to a few ga...
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    another one bites the dust

    As so many have said before including myself "That's it, I'm done." Gambling had consumed my life from 18-32 - my life has centered around it and suffered, I don't find joy in anything else except my wonderful partner who has had to put up with my idiocy for five years now. I don't know why...
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    Question some things I've been wondering...

    1. How often mega moolahs mega/major jackpots go off, on average. 2. If there's any problem taking bonuses at three similar casinos (32red jackpotcity and lucky nugget) 3. Are there any games from those casinos with unique features? For example i once played a physical slot that had a bunch of...
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    tired of CPU 100% ?

    Why don't they optimize these games to use the GPU instead of constantly hammering the CPU? My machines can play the latest games without breaking a sweat but the instant I load a simple 2d slot it's 100% CPU usage and fans into overdrive, with crappy frame rates to boot. With the $$$...
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    can anyone top this run of bad luck on mega moolah?

    850 $6.25 spins, no feature, not even a $10 minor jackpot. Finally got one somewhere around spin 900 and paid $45.
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    97.15% my a$$, 7 sultans. Try 67.21% over $2000 lost.

    Decided to give 7 Sultans a go based on the front page recommendation here. No spins over $5, probably average of $2.50 per spin. $2000 deposited, and even with ~$900 bonuses still a RTP % of a whopping 67.21% And the player support solution? Deposit more money. Yeah right. You already have...
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    Bonus Complaint Manhattan Slots non payout question

    Hi there, just wondering if this is correct: I was bored with no available funds so decided to try a NDB at manhattan slots. The offer was $50 free chip, 40x playthrough, max payout $250 deposit of $21 required to cash out I met the playthrough and withdrew $246, I then deposited $35...
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    Question Why does this happen every time? Crash and burn over $1000.

    Hello everyone, I'm a moderate better, $1-$5 per spin generally, lately I've been depositing ~$100 and will gradually work up to about $1000, unfortunately I've almost never withdrawn in my life, but what seems strange is that after this point ($1000) the games will just TANK. I mean, I...