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    Golden Palace

    Go to Casinomeister's resources and use the search function, search for "Golden Palace" in Newsletters and you'll come up with a number of not-too-nice entries. To quote the most recent one, dating back to October 2001: "The Golden Palace confiscated dozens of players accounts on the...
  2. Are you looking for 32Red Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:32Red Review
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    Spyware Issues (was Bellrock Warning)

    I can really recommend HijackThis. I've had similar problems like what you described twice within the last couple of months and this program helped me get rid of the intruders quickly.
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    32red casino

    Is that true? I didn't realize that. Is this for legal reasons or why?
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    If you had to play at one casino for a year which one will it be?

    Easy for me. I'd stick to Vegas Palms, where I spend most of my time anyway :cool: Reason is, they've got a good support staff, quite a number of games that I like, they're paying out quickly and I've had a lot of luck there recently.
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    7 sultans poker withdrawal problem

    Yep, get that account number out of your post quickly. There's somebody from the Fortune Lounge group (which owns Seven Sultans) monitoring this forum so they will certainly approach you on this one and maybe Casinomeister will, too, or you can send a message to either one. But that account...
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    New Microgaming Games!

    Same thing for the Fortune Lounge casinos or are they online yet? Did anyone play these yet? I'd be interested to hear from your experiences.
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    Viper Question

    I've never had any speed problems on the Fortune Lounge casinos. Try Vegas Palms or Seven Sultans, I like them both a lot and they give you all the little gimmicks you could possibly want.
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    Is any one playing online casinos making over 2000 a week or more?

    I don't really understand why this thread has gone into this direction. I've just now read 15 pages of this thread that started with the simple question how much money you guys make when playing online. And in order to get back to this question: Every month I deposit between $ 500 and $...
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    Beware casinos using selbourne limited

    @fortunelounge: Let me say first that I believe you are probably right in this matter discussed here, though I think part of the problem is that you use so many domain names to send email from. I've never understood why an email I sent to i.e. is replied from
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    Your biggest Wins?

    I wouldn't recommend this... I won the Wowpot Jackpot last September at Vegas Villa worth about 6,700$ Of course I got greedy and cashed out only 5,800$. Anyway, what I did was take an unpaid leave from work for me and my girlfriend and away we went to Vegas. Needless to say, MGM Grand finally...