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    HELP - whats wrong with my email?

    Apparently I have just sent out a pile of emails. I have nothing in my sent box. A few months ago I spammed my dad with "hey friend", I even sent myself a message that time the was stuff in my sent box. In the last 10 min I have 7 batches of "delivery status notices", they are not...
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    A passing Hello

    Hope everyone is doing well:thumbsup:
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    I dont think I have done this

    As for the baiting, lets get it into the open. No my sister is not dying, hopefully not before me. She ha MS. I dont know much about the stuff but know its sporadic. We fought like cat and dog when we where younger. It broke my heart to see her with a walking stick, worse was when her 3 year old...
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    Thank You!!

    Ive decided to take a bit of time away from the keyboard.A bit pee'd off with this industry in general. Im sorry some companies profits are reduced due to the credit crunch, but 3 months of non payment for my work has tipped me over the edge, so thanks for that. If I wasnt so stressed, Id be...
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    UIGEA new positive bill just passed

    In the last few minutes, the HR 6870 bill has been voted in. Sounds like US players could be on their way back. I wont hold my breath but this appears to be a mega development
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    Your Olympic Memories

    Some excellent moments. For me Usain Bolt, winning the 100m & 200m in world record times was amazing. To cap it he was in the winning 4x100m relay team in another world record time. Anyone who remember Michael Johnson or US relay teams will appreciate the stunning performances. Michael...
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    Your Dummest Bets!

    I put 3 on Italy to win the World Cup at Football (Soccer). Price 7-1 They won and I collected 21. The dumb meter kicks in because I laid the bet 4 years earlier. The intention was to put 3 a week on them to the next world cup. Well I only managed the one bet so had to wait 4 years to collect...
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    (Warning) Neteller - Prepaid Card

    Anyone who has a prepaid mastercard linked to Neteller, watch out for the expiry date. To my knowledge they havnt notified me that the mastercard was due to expire. I got the card when they first came out, - expired July, never noticed until I tried to make a transfer. Its easy enough to...
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    Inactive Account Fee

    Ive just found out that partygaming are at it too. Why not just the green light to all the rogue sites out there, or is that thin line finally eroding away? A reel spinning fee. A maintenance upgrade fee. A mandatory tipping charge...
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    Credit Card Fraud

    Has anyone been afflicted? Im just wondering. I used to work for a reputable bank. I transfered to their credit card department. I dealt with several fraud transactions. At the time, their system was pretty poor and needed a major overhaul. Now with online sites, it becomes easier to...
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    Why Play on Unknown Casinos?

    Feel free to comment if I have left any options out. I was just wondering, with all the scam sites out there. Being on a watchdog style site, and all, you would be a little more selective in choice. I know the chances are, that everyone will land a rotton egg every so often but im wondering why...
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    Free play Rummy?

    Anyone want a game at paddypower? Im logging in as paddymcc. Edit, still mcc Skill games/rummy Fancy your chances? pick the game and challenge me
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    Football Rivalry

    Celtic v Liverpool Now this is sport at it's best!
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    Roguish King Solomons

    please do not open account for me. I also dont appreciate being sent a username and password via snail mail
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    Customer Service Issues

    Got some spam through my e-mail. Thought it was topical enough to post. Relates to 31 customer service issues
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    100k at Pokerstars - 20k players

    looks as if the 100k guaranteed is going to max out. 10 min left to enter. almost at the 20k player mark. for a $10 & $1 you can fight for the $200k prizepool. Im gonna miss out today. Having a lazy one. Great tourney for a sunday:thumbsup: EDIT - Max is 25k now Highest field Ive ever...
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    PartyGaming - never again

    2 a spin - 10p a line. After losing most of my deposit I Hit the bonus round on King tuts I get 9 spins 1st spin - nothing crash crash crash Everytime I logged back in I seemed to lose a spin I end up with 4 for the round. Is that payout normal? That will be my last...
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    Customer Service : bb28 v Infopowa

    Regarding Thread : Attn: Customer Service and Managers Forums? Who ultimately owns the original content posted on it? I would say the forum owner, in this case, Casinomeister. As a non profit post, I...
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    I found this link in my Spambox Anyone know about this site. I quite like Spades, was going to check it out but Im not downloading and exe. file from it This is the actual site
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    Sitting comfortable for that $215 ticket. 129 left at the break - 100 tickets for grabs, sitting midfield, which is higher than my usual, so feeling confident. I hope I dont pick up aces