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    WARNING! non-payment of winnings at acropolis casino

    question to camelcharly Can you tell me how many hands were you playing, and what is the speed at wich you played those hands. I mean when they say "billions of hands of BJ" are they saying that you alone play a billion hands of BJ?, or is it my english that is getting it wrong. My top BJ...
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    Always bet on the spanish

    Although I wish you good luck, I must say that nadal, alonso and Barcelona where favourites to win the events you mentioned, and I dont know anybody who thinks that spain is going to win the world cup. And I live in spain (but Iam from argentina), not even spanish people think that they have...
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    Mathematical Proof that English Harbour is cheating

    just a question, is the user "wizard", michael shackelford aka "the wizard of odds"?
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    HELP! My primapoker (Lucky Nugget Poker) winnings have been confiscated!

    You should contact ecogra, They will help you. Anyway, the casino should have told you the reasons for confiscating your money, keep us informed. Good luck.
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    Spyware/Adware warning

    If you have any playtech casino installed on your computer, it will appear as goldenpalce spyware if you scan with "spyware search and destroy", of course this is not goldenpalce fault. I never detected the others you mention in my computer.
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    Supervegas breaks promises and cheats.

    I got the bonus yesterday. I still have to fulfil WR though.
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    Unauthorised Withdrawal from My Neteller Account

    Bryan, Jetset , or anybody whith contacts on neteller, I am interested in netellers opinion about this. You should contact and point them to this thread. Another interesting question, what about instacash? do casinos have acces to your bank accounts too??? Flavio.
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    Golden Palace and the Pope-Mobile

    What is Golden Palace doing with this weird stuff they are buying?? do they have a progressive slot with "popes car" as a prize???? just wondering, best luck to all. Flavio.
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    Are online table games truly random numbers?

    No, the house edge in a video poker machine is given by the paytable, I mean the house edge of a jacks or better video poker game with a given paytable is the same at each and every casino. Same thing with all the other videopoker variations. Again, go to, in the main page click...
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    Are online table games truly random numbers?

    Which casinos are you talking about??, just curious.
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    Are online table games truly random numbers?

    pseudorandom numbers The numbers you see on internet roulette are generated using computers, which mean they are pseudorandom numbers, according to this is ..... A slightly archaic term for a computer-generated random number. The prefix pseudo- is used to distinguish...
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    Betting Odds??

    In my personal experience there is a difference between fun mode and real money mode, so you should try your system in real mode before putting a lot of money at risk. You claim to have developed a betting methodolgy that gives you a probability of winning >99%, and you also claim to have a...
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    Auctioning adspace at Casinomeister and Got2bet

    But YOU ARE bringing up politics. If you want to discuss UN or UNICEF, start a new thread in Wild Cards where it belongs. Let Casinomeister and Got2Bet donate the money to UNICEF. BTW, I Want so see the big monsters of the industry bidding for this, I want to see CON, FortuneLounge, BelleRock...
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    New to these forums and online casinos

    You can play at any casino in the "reputable casinos" list. There is link to the list at the top of this page!!
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    BJ and statistics

    I dont remember cipher saying that the software is rigged in a way that you lose big bets and win small ones, I think he said that there is correlation between cards dealt and bet size. Besides this fact, cipher never show enough data to proof his abilitity in reading trends. So, as far as I am...
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    Connecto cashout woes

    welcome to the family of banned players at connecto 8-) I told you they dont like smart players!!
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    What was you worst BJ losing streak ever?

    my worst streak was at intercasino, I lost 14 hands in a row( i think there were some pushes), but I was doing it great in that session so after losing 14 hands I ended with the same amount I started.
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    Skyline Casino - resolved

    I just checked their website and it says wagering requirements are 25 X. Do you have screenshots of their website taken 31 DEC, when the wager requirments were 5 X ?
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    Connecto cashout woes

    if you go to the main page of this forum, on the top you are going to see a thread posted by the meister wich has a list of casino representatives, the connectocasino representative is listed there, you can go there an PM or email the representative.
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    BJ and statistics

    To cipher and his system This thread is not about betting systems, however if what cipher claims is true, if he has some statiscal proof of the correlation between dealt cards and bet size, he can show everybody in the forum his data. I am sure cipher doesnt want to show us his system, and...