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    Is Geisha Lounge Reliable Now?

    They are the best! visit KingSolomon GeishaLounge GrandAces and the new one: - they have a great sign up bonus! GI Joe - now with the nets smallest forum:lolup:
  2. Are you looking for Novibet Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Novibet Review
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    Beware of William Hill

    They will never answer your email, but phone them - fast support... GI Joe
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    reputable Java casinos?

    Eurobet,, VCCasino and thespinroom all use Chartwell no download software. ...fair games and fast payouts - normally within 24 hours. Barcley
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    Has anyone seen this before?

    I saw a poker player with 102.000 in his bankroll - thats around 175.000$. Barcley
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    clubplayercasino closed my account for no reason when I'm winning

    ClubPlayer are run by the same people that run CoolCat and Cirrus!!! ...the ownership have change within the last month! Barcley
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    What casino's have great gameplay for BJ and VP?

    "Well then, rather than the software being used, which specifi casino's have you had luck playing BJ or VP?" ...CowboyCasino, GoldClub, Casino.Net ...but I still think that my experience is the same - Its the software and the the casino who counts! Barcley
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    What casino's have great gameplay for BJ and VP?

    I have won several thousands $ playing BJ at BossMedia - (always with a bonus) I have also won alot on Playtech casinos and lately a lot on Chartwell casinos. In period I find Net entertainment casinos fair - but they are very streaky! I cant remember when I last won on a MicroGaming or a...
  9. C for sale

    Everybody knows - more than 48 mill. visits pr. month. I have for sale. Send me a PM with an offer. Barcley or send me a mail to
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    Winners Playground paid me after 2 1/2 years

    I will give it a try - I will post my experience here! Thanks Barcley
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    Winners Playground paid me after 2 1/2 years

    Im owed around 500$ from the Vegas Strip (old RTG casinos) ...from around 3 years ago. Do anyone think its a good idea posting with Montana - and how do I do that? I look forward to hear from one of you. Barcley
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    Silly Bonus of the Month - May

    Im not sure I beat yours but anyway. I received this one from GoldKey today: Coupon code HH7ME needs a deposit of $50 to redeem for $75 FREE. Playthrough is 75x deposit on blackjack. Please note that wagering requirements are doubled for players from Denmark, Germany, Israel and UK...
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    Are there any pure Blackjack specialist casinos?

    Take a look at They have alot of different BJ types. Barcley
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    What is Chartwell software like?

    I have had 4 players trying who also uses Chartwell.( I always have players trying the casinos before they go on my site!) They all deposited 100 - playing 10 a hand in BJ. Here are the results: Player 1: Played around 85 hands - result 195+ including the 50 bonus Player 2...
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    Miss Millions stops all the payment!!!

    Received today: Dear XXXXX, It is with great regret and a heavy heart that we announce that Miss Millions Casino will be closing permanently on February 22, 2004. If you currently have a balance with the casino, please either play out your balance or withdraw your balance before our...
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    Player-Webmasters !! honest now!

    I think its okay to play as an affiliate with Barcley
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    Windows casino complaints

    The player who won this Ferrari was from Denmark! ...we have been banned from the casino since 2001 Thats really funny! must be the owners cousin!
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    Casino (Blackjack) bonuses

    InterCasino - 90/90/2250 Net.Entertainment - really fast payment - one day CherryCasino 100/30/750$ CasinoDomain 100/30/750$ CasinoEuro 100/30/755 - you can deposit with neteller! Bet365 50/40/1040$ - really fast payment GoldenPalace 100/200/1200 - sticky bonus.... You can play...
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    I also play there - no problemo They also offers a nice little monthly bonus 100/100/3000 Barcley - lots of news!
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    Breakaway Casino Session

    Do you really think that RTG or another software provider would answer that question? ...and of course they can change the payout % - they have made the software! But I still play! Barcley