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    Urgent: Do NOT deposit by Neteller until further notice

    I tried to deposit into Vegas Towers last night, still no go. The reason Neteller has no competition for me is that the other alternatives that are widely accepted, Firepay, Citadel, pre-paid atm etc are U.S. centric and don't accept anyone from outside the US. I used to have a Firepay...
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    Attn: Fortunelounge

    Thank-you for the information, and the advice. I'm really glad you visit Casinomeister, at least if players feel they're getting a deaf ear they can ask you for advice. Anyway, the support staff claimed that I hadn't reached a zero balance at first, although I had and had kept it at zero for...
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    Attn: Fortunelounge

    Could the Fourtunelounge VP who often comes to this board to sort out problems please answer a question to do with their sister casino Havana Club? Do wagering requirements carry over at this casino if you have lost both the sign up bonus and deposit? I know they void wagering if you lose...
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    Thunderstruck Question

    Thanks a lot, argument settled.
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    Thunderstruck Question

    I know there are some Thunderstruck experts on here and I have a question. Except for the Rams, the payout is per line bet amount, not per total bet amount, that sounds right doesn't it? O.K. it maybe because it's Friday and my brain's scrambled, but is this correct. For example, if you...
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    Your best hit ever!

    Just got into Thunderstruck and Big Kahuna, very addictive when you get a big payout. My biggest Thunderstruck so far has been $202, but it took $163 of my balance to get it. :lol
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    Cool Cat Casino, anyone play there?

    I have a question, I see they give Neteller bonuses as part of the sign up, is the wagering a seperate 15x d+b for that like Fortune Lounge? I should probably ask the casino, but I was just wondering if any of you had used that method to deposit.
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    Who has the best loyalty program

    That's because BJ is excluded from counting towards wagering according to the terms.
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    Loyalty Programs

    Prestige currently has a pretty good one. The rewards for each level are quite good, the only problem I have with it is that there's nowhere to tell you the criteria for each level.
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    direct net pay problem

    Were the issues ever resolved with this casino Bryan? I don't see it listed in the "Rogue" section so did they redeem themselves?
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    Online Casinos

    I really like BW, but my last cashin to Neteller ($160 from a free $50 they gave me) took over 5 weeks, I've never had a shorter cashin from them. I like BW, but their cashin times could still be a lot quicker.
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    Major Millions Won!

    Does anyone even know which casino it was won at?
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    Sorry double post, please delete. (Message edited by bjlady on September 17, 2002)
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    Sorry for your luck adaubenmire, perhaps if you write to Bryan via the pitch-a-bitch form he'll be able to help you. I have eventually received my winnings, but the combination of min. $5 BJ and the extreme wait for funds have put me right off this casino.
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    Well a week later and I still haven't been paid, so much for the priority list. They haven't even responded to my last email either. Bryan I usually trust your judgement, but isn't it time someone with authority spoke up and gave these people a nudge?
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    Lucky you, I've been waiting since August 15th for my Paypal winnings, a friend of mine has been waiting 40 days. I've been told I've been put in a priority list, but as my friend was put on that list a week ago it doesn't fill me with confidence. I hope you're right about Black Widow, Bryan...
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    King Neptunes has shut down

    I've been back now they've re-opened and for me, the story isn't good. The old software seemed fair, but the new was very disappointing, especially on BJ. I hardly won any hands, and certainly no more than a couple of hands consecutively. I would advise gamblers to give it a miss unless you're...
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    King Neptunes has shut down

    I made a deposit a couple of days ago and had played a bit,it seemed like a nice place. When I switched on my computer in the afternoon I received an email saying it had shut down for an upgrade. Does anyone know if they're really upgrading or have gone out of business? Also, I was in the...
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    Firepay Balance Discrepancies - Funds Disappeared

    I used them recently to desposit a tiny amount. I thought everything was O.K. until I got a letter from them saying that they has just realised that they deducted it twice! They apologised and said they would be returning the amount, but I didn't think they could make a mistake like that...
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    Illustrated Comes Through

    Illustrated seem to take a while, my last Paypal deposit took 3 weeks. Keep checking your account every few days and write giving them your details and it should all get sorted out. I think it says Paypal takes 5-10 business days, which could mean anything up to 2 weeks or so.