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    Bonuses: Still Paid?

    In light of my problems in Proc Cyber thread, I wanted to hear from people... do most casinos still offer good bonuses, allow you to play blackjack or some other good-odds game, and eventually cash out with a profit? I've read a couple of posts indicating that people got kicked out even though...
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    Proc Cyber, River Belle

    OK, update. I finally got paid. I had reached the point where I was going to give up for the sake of my mental health, because we'd gotten to the point where one person said "You're approved!" and then I'd ask why my account was still locked, and another person would reply "Because you're not...
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    Proc Cyber, River Belle

    Thanks for the tip on the webmaster. Hopefully I won't need him, but we'll see. I've been calling Proc-Cyber instead of emailing recently. It's harder for them to jerk you around on the phone, as you can refute inaccuracies and flat-out lies right away, and force them to come up with new...
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    Venetian Gold. DO NOT PLAY HERE!

    That sounds awful, but I'm starting to think it's par for the course. The casinos offer big matching bonuses to lure folks in, but they're unwilling to deal with the payouts when savvy consumers follow their rules and still come out ahead. The clause you quoted seems to be their all-purpose...
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    Proc Cyber, River Belle

    I'm having a nightmare with Proc-Cyber like one mentioned in another thread. I tried to cash out with a bank transfer, and they hit me with the ACH verification process. Not everyone has easy access to a scanner or fax, and the stuff they ask for is a pain. They froze my account for no reason...