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    Attn: Fortunelounge

    Could the Fourtunelounge VP who often comes to this board to sort out problems please answer a question to do with their sister casino Havana Club? Do wagering requirements carry over at this casino if you have lost both the sign up bonus and deposit? I know they void wagering if you lose...
  2. Are you looking for Royal Panda Casino?

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    Thunderstruck Question

    I know there are some Thunderstruck experts on here and I have a question. Except for the Rams, the payout is per line bet amount, not per total bet amount, that sounds right doesn't it? O.K. it maybe because it's Friday and my brain's scrambled, but is this correct. For example, if you...
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    King Neptunes has shut down

    I made a deposit a couple of days ago and had played a bit,it seemed like a nice place. When I switched on my computer in the afternoon I received an email saying it had shut down for an upgrade. Does anyone know if they're really upgrading or have gone out of business? Also, I was in the...
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    New Members help please

    I've just joined yesterday and I was wondering how long it takes before I can enter the members area. I've input my email and password correctly, I'm 100% sure, but I keep getting an access denied notice. can anyone help with advice?
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    Online Players Association?

    How do you join and how much does it cost?
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    Prestige Casino?

    I've been playing there 'for fun' before I bought some chips and got the $40 bonus, but the dealer seems to get amazing luck, 4 blackjacks in a row! Has anybody played there for real money?