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    NJ taxable win

    I won $4000, Sunday, June 29th on a video poker hand, which required a W2-g. Immediately a pop-up message congratulated me and said that the tax office would contact me regarding next steps. The tax office is available Monday -Friday-business days. After my win, before I could take a...
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    2 questions for Affiliates

    I primarily signed up with the casinos i frequent through Kasino King and RobWin--i (like(d)---RobWin--come back), their posting style and websites. At the time i was not aware that affiliates receive $$ based on losing players--but i would have still joined through their sites because of the...
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    Slotocash no longer 24 hour cashout?

    I cashed out (flushed over the phone) from Slotocash Friday evening, expected to see the payout in my quicktender Saturday morning. Not there; logged into the casino and my withdrawal was showing as a reversible withdrawal. Contacted customer service and was told that they have a new...
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    GrandeVegas, why the contradictory information

    I received an email yesterday from GrandeVegasCasino which indicated that their withdrawals occurred within 24 hours: dateMon, Mar 29, 2010 at 12:14 PM subjectEasy Deposits - Easy Withdrawals - 400 Credits for you!
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    Rival Security Documents request-does anyone know why..

    Why do we have to provide a new set of security documents with each Rival casino? Isn't the back end security operations that determines fraud and player ratings, the same back end that reviews the security documents for each of the Rival casinos? I was asked a couple of weeks ago to provide...
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    Fortune Reel-Stalling Technique-you be the judge

    Yet again, another thread about slow payment from Rival. I cashed out $800 on the 14th from FR to QT--sent two emails this week checking on the progress--no response. Today is the 5th business day, contacted live chat and they said "didn't you receive the email about the security request"--no i...
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    Intertops Bonus Carryover

    I used a deposit bonus at Intertops this morning, and was surprised to see that my playthrough did not zero out after my credit was down to .18. i contacted customer service who said the following: Dear Pamela, I like Intertops a lot, however I now have a wagering requirement of 2365.00...
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    Casino Cubed-payout processing questions answered by casino manager

    Yesterday I tried Casino Cubed; recently accrediated (baptism by fire). They have a $10 non deposit offer on their web site. Although i eventually busted out, i played for a while and received several features on the three games i tried, T-Rex, Mystic Dragon and Texas Tycoon. I like video poker...
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    Jackpot Pinatas-RTG

    Just curious, has anyone every received 3 or 4 red bulls on a winning line? I play this game a lot, and I have never seen this occur.
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    Hi everyone-how do you post "thank you" posts

    I have been lurking for probably 3 years, and have decided to start posting. I want to post a "thank you" tag to some of the posts, and i cannot figure out the mechanics; i looked at the FAQ, and also tried to do a search. Can someone please help me? I am sure it's very simple, but... Have a...