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    I am at a loss for words ,,,

    Julie Sidwell was a great contributor to this industry and a wonderful woman. She touched the lives of many many people, and will be sadly missed by all. Condolences and sympathy to her family.
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    Casino Industry Discussion

    Hello Swedish guy, My take on this situation differs. There are many people who care about ethics, and if there is interest in making any contribution to having the gaming industry be more accountable, then I feel its important that you look beyond your own agenda, or what personally affects...
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    Mac-compatible online poker rooms

    Hey Caracas, I can vouch for Victoria's Poker - I would feel confident to give it a try. I know the operators and have always found them to be trustworthy and honest - one of the few in this industry I DO trust! :) If you try the max action pai gow as well maybe you would post how you liked...
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    Casino Industry Discussion

    Thanks Ben! I have heard rumours that the founders are russian and so are ecash and I read the hackology report above and really would like to know if there is some connection between the two. At one time Grand virtual did the software for Harrods, but Harrods changed gaming software to a...
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    Casino Industry Discussion

    I am still a little bit confused.(Could be the blonde stuff.) Grand Virtual and Elka Systems etc how are the casinos done by grand virtual and elka connected. The casinos at Grand Virtual are not on the rogue list so are they separate or the same? have their been complaints there as well? I...
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    Casino Industry Discussion

    Here's more part of the same group.
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    Casino Industry Discussion

    Thanks Mary, so it appears that they are not connected then to elka/ecash/2kservices/owncasino/cashforclicks...?
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    Casino Industry Discussion

    I wonder if it is possible to post a list of all the companies known that are inter-related to this group. New domains seem to be popping up all the time. CashforClicks is their affiliate management arm and I don't believe that many webmasters are aware.
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    ecashservices Avesta Pocketcasinos 2K services

    Just in case anyone thinks I am still involved with the GambleGoddess network (including CasinoWoman),I want to set the record straight: The facts are this: Lesnick sold the site outright, without my knowledge or consent, and even though he verbally claims he only sold his half...