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  1. Playford7

    Prince Andrew/scandal

    Just wondering folks thoughts on this abhorrent chapter. obviously he’s dead the main man (dirty fucker) and hardly any names are up for any serious police action, but his ‘madam’ is now on remand for her frankly disgusting behaviour.. do we think the prince and many of hollyweirds elite will...
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  3. Playford7

    Happy Father’s Day!

    Shout out to all the dads out there! Have a awesome day !!!.
  4. Playford7

    The chargeback... and why most of the time is the worst option

    After not been here a while and just merely a spectator And reading many a thread on folks having issues I’d just like to add personal experience about taking this action. years back I had a issue with a pretty well known casino (not sure if ok to mention the name so will leave blank) I wasn’t...
  5. Playford7

    Another derailing rant moved from an existing thread

    Isn’t it so sad not one of us, if we are really honest trusts the casino we play at. The online casino industry for good reason has the credibility of tony Blair looking for weapons of mass destruction... Let’s have it right. During this lockdown and many losing jobs, homes and salaries. Have...
  6. Playford7

    Jonny jackpot: kudos

    As always when I’ve had a good or bad experience I like to provide some feedback about Jonny Jackpot Casino. Had a few deposits here over the years since opening. anyhow Friday last week I believe whilst on a timeout from one of the L and L brands I had the odd number left in my bank as a...
  7. Playford7

    All British casino. Many thanks

    Had a withdrawal of £700 and odd on Friday, sadly due to document and verification issues it took a while longer than usual. Normally the L and L group pay me within the hour. Anyhow whilst sending bank statements in pdf, passport, proof of address etc etc the staff at all british where lovely...
  8. Playford7

    Hyper casino

    Just wondering where the live chat has gone? usually these guys are bang on. Just had a few questions for them and emails to the group been taking a while of late.
  9. Playford7

    Post uk

    Anyone having issues regarding there postman not turning up? Been waiting for a cheque for bloody ages and the postman is awol.
  10. Playford7

    Yako. The L and L brand.

    So had a mysterious £15 left in my skrill. Only being using skrill about 2 weeks, for a mere scaffolder it’s most confusing. Also my bank is all over at the moment. checked it out and was ok. Thought yako for 30 free spins, sadly forgot the game they where on.. Spent a while on chat with a...
  11. Playford7

    Tommy Robinson latest...

    Now I totally agree without question his stance on Islam, yet how he’s behaved and gone about it not so much.. I’ve seen how that cult affects people close and where I live so I make no bones not being a fan. that said his media persecution is abhorrent, this happened lately... just wondering...
  12. Playford7

    A tale of a good casino...

    Many of you may be aware, many not.. ive had some struggles of late both physically and mentally. My bicep almost tore to pieces and as a scaffolder my arms earn my cash. then my back went.. had to have time off work for months. Had issues with my ex also... Anyhow today I thought sod it , I’ll...
  13. Playford7

    Monthly spending limit

    Anyone had these imposed? Mines set at 2k per month at casumo, not complaining as that’s acceptable. just wondering if this is now the norm?
  14. Playford7

    Another Quaker attack

    Hanau shooting: Eight dead after two attacks in Germany Eight dead after two shootings in Hanau, Germany
  15. Playford7

    Attention casino reps: urgent

    Just making you aware guys in advance it’s my birthday on Tuesday. I know my huge gifts will take some planning so just giving you the heads up so you have plenty of time to organise things. :-)
  16. Playford7

    Resolved LV bet... balance disappeared

    Deposited £10. Took the welcome offer of 200 LV spins and a 100% match. Was doing ok, had a balance of £50. played various megaways games for hours up and down. went to reactoonz and before pressing spin my balance just vanished.. No live chat either, what a shitty first time experience. Also...
  17. Playford7

    Harry and Megan..

    So the once most loved royal has decided to leave the fold. My take.. She’s some raging feminist wannabe Hollywood elitist. Has used the Prince to social climb and make herself relevant. Now the shit hits the fan she’s ran a mile. Harry’s use is over, married and a child to her. He’s cucked...
  18. Playford7

    Chipmonkz and CM bias

    Firstly the shutting down of the thread was limiting free speech as it goes against certain mods ‘vested affy interests’ Secondly all that was posed to the affy streamer are facts, facts he took exception to, why? He earns a living from people like us, should we feel we can ask a question whom...
  19. Playford7

    The murder (?) of a Iranian terrorist

    What’s the folks thoughts on this terrorist butcher now terminated? Are we heading to world war 3 or is this just a storm in a Middle Eastern teacup? (We have had a few) Personally pretty up with Middle Eastern conflict due to past careers and interest, this man was a barbarian and terrorist...
  20. Playford7

    SOW questions

    Having done a few and had no issues was just wondering a few things. Say I win a massive amount and suddenly the casino wants SOW, I provide it and it doesn’t satisfy them are they entitled to take your winnings? Also what If someone gifted you some cash to play and that was how you afforded...
  21. Playford7

    London terror attack

    A truck of peace again?..