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    BJ and statistics

    Every time someone says that online BJ is rigged, it is mostly because of a bad streak. After this person says ...." I lost 40 units in 300 hands ".... , someone in this forum tells this guy that losing 40 units in 300 hands is less than losing 2 SD so it is just bad luck. So a question came to...
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    extrange promotion at luchy chance???

    Yes I know, this software is rigged. I am no telling anyone to play at this place, but I just want to put your atention on their current roulette promotion. Lucky Chance is having a roullete promotion during four days this is the main idea. You have to deposit $30 to take part of the promo...
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    I am looking for good poker books

    I started playing poker 2 months ago, I am having fun. I read a book called Ken Warren teaches texas hold'em, it is a good book for new players like me. Now I want to read something about no-limit tournaments, because I played a couple of this tournaments ( always cheap, like $5 freezout ), and...
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    gaming mastery software / lucky chance casino

    Hi Brian, do you have any information on this software provider, or have any coments on this casino? I think they are new to this industry or at least I never heared anything about them.
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    Does anybody played at lucky chance

    Does anybody played at lucky chance casino??, they said that their software provider is Gaming Mastery, but I never played at any casino powered by them. They have great bonus offers, but I dont know if it is a safe place to play. If you played there , let me know your experiences, Thanks.