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  1. silcnlayc

    Posh Casino Experiences

    Twania not online since 20th July 2017 Hi, thank you for the info. She has not been online since 20th July 2017. Sent her a message the other day and still no response unfortunately.
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  3. silcnlayc

    Posh Casino Experiences

    Host for Posh ? Why is there no host for the casino on this board?
  4. silcnlayc

    Question Slotpower

    I received an email reminding me I still had $50 some odd dollars left in my account. I haven't played at Slotpower for a long time. I decided to play and got a decent cash out out. Question. Has anyone played there recently? It is Rival platform. I checked the bonus section and these...
  5. silcnlayc

    Winner Videos!

    Cops and Robbers RTG First ever catching all the safes. Did pretty good betting $1.25. Won over $500. Forgot to take picture at end.
  6. silcnlayc

    Software Complaint Server Error in '/slotastic/Cashier' Application. (jackpot Capital)

    Thank you. I do use chrome and use Firefox as a backup. Haven't used internet explorer in ages...and it still does this since the installed the new game. I have to play in flash which I hate so I haven't played much there even though they are one of my favorite casinos.
  7. silcnlayc

    Software Complaint Server Error in '/slotastic/Cashier' Application. (jackpot Capital)

    No one to help? On the desktop casino (not flash) I still get this error since the new game update.
  8. silcnlayc

    The Game "LOST" at Bovada, Slots.LV, Drake and Gossip Slots

    Anyone check on this game? I still have not hit the bonus in this game. I have been playing it for YEARS now....anyone with smarts try to figure out why it doesn't trigger? I am amazed no one else has said anything about this game.
  9. silcnlayc

    Software Complaint Server Error in '/slotastic/Cashier' Application. (jackpot Capital)

    I continue to receive this at Jackpot Capital and sister sites since the introduction of the new game Enchanted Garden !!. I have reported it to both casinos for over a week now and they say it is on my side. I can play it online but the downloaded version continues giving this error in...
  10. silcnlayc

    Rival exits UK market

    Rockbet and Tropica I believe they are affiliated Rockbet and Tropica, since they knew who I was and I quit playing Tropica months ago, when they didn't pay me. I was a very good customer depositing and losing much money and then I actually won something and payment is usually the test of any...
  11. silcnlayc

    Rival exits UK market

    Rockbet is back Rockbet just called me out of the blue and offered e free $200 bonus to play and try out there casino. anyone know of this casino?
  12. silcnlayc


    Their chat has no time stamp unfortunately. It would have helped to show the lag of then could have showed the time of question to the time of leaving each time.....
  13. silcnlayc


    Yes, I played a $6 spin 50 cents over what was allowed ($5.50) for 12 spins. I accepted it..I owned it....what is your problem then?
  14. silcnlayc


    YOU are extremely rude. I guess you would have been a little happier seeing 30 minutes of "Are you there" and cs entering, saying hi please wait, then leaving chat each time, just as he did the last time?
  15. silcnlayc

    Clubworld- hire me to run promotions

    Old news how Clubworld has changed their comp/bonus/offers and disregarded their loyal players by dropping them down to the 30% bonus offers after years of loyalty and playing...what an insult it was to receive that, and continue to receive these offers after so many years of playing there...
  16. silcnlayc


    I believe they failed to pass....Baptism By Fire...(now I see it)...I need to visit more again....last I saw they were given another chance...ah well...again, my bad for not checking on whether they made it or not....learning a lot of lessons this weekend! :eek:
  17. silcnlayc


    Well people, I learned a hard lesson this weekend. I took the no max cash out bonus and played for hours. Sad to say, my withdrawal was cancelled due to 12 spins over $5 (was $6.00 spins) I did not realize the coin size defaulted in my window on the $2 coin x 3 makes it a $6 bet, instead...
  18. silcnlayc

    BGO: Wasn't Allowed To Withdraw but also wouldn't return deposits

    Seems to be a pattern. Don't win and Nuff said too.....
  19. silcnlayc

    Bitch and Moan Club World Casinos complaint

    Good day. I understand your frustrations with this group. They are good at customer service and so are many other groups. Feeling as if you have been "played" or "scammed" is a natural feeling that comes when one does something against ones nature (reversing a win) and blaming another for...
  20. silcnlayc

    uk court claim question (IOM licence)

    The time it takes and money will out weigh the reality of proceeding with this. n the end, it still does not guarantee payment to you. Just a mark against the other. Why bother to spend your time and money to appear in court when the end result is a negative regardless?
  21. silcnlayc

    All Club World Casinos excluded me from Promotion

    The reason they give is that they changed their tier system. Regardless of how long you have been a get reduced to the bonus offers....this has been in effect for the last few months....Please check other threads regarding this change..... It is good that other...