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  1. refre

    N1 Casino is now Accredited

    Ok I've had a reply from N1 Casino. Turns out the casino has an internal bet limit of €100 on table games regardless of your personal settings (or lack of) and game specific limits. I do find this a bit strange, but I have no reason to doubt it. This is probably why I had such a strangely worded...
  2. Are you looking for Trada Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Trada Review
  3. refre

    N1 Casino is now Accredited

    I had the strangest experience playing Netent Classic Auto Roulette. After a session of playing slots I spent my last funds on five numbers straight up. I placed my bet and after 'No more bets' being announced and just before the ball landing I got an error saying something to the effect of "You...
  4. refre

    Videoslots - Newly Accredited

    Is there any way of knowing which providers are still on the standard RTP setting? Without having to compare the games individually? Thanks!
  5. refre

    Working Fix for Flash NetEnt games on Chrome

    You can also activate Flash manually... :D
  6. refre

    N1 Casino is now Accredited

    I made a deposit using the friday match bonus. The bonus code was registered OK, but no bonus was credited. Turns out they are not on Malta time, but UTC which is 2 hours behind. I can't find this mentioned anywhere onsite. Should definitely be added.
  7. refre

    Baptism by Fire - success Frank and Fred Casino stepping into the fire!

    That's not accurate. Out of 7 deposit methods only 2 are free. Also, I made another post about support and having to remove bonuses manually. You may have missed it. I have not yet heard from support on my simple request to change the e-mail address on my account...
  8. refre

    Baptism by Fire - success Frank and Fred Casino stepping into the fire!

    I had trouble finding this as well. It's located under the live chat button top right corner. Should definitely have it's own section.
  9. refre

    Baptism by Fire - success Frank and Fred Casino stepping into the fire!

    Also, there's a hefty 5% deposit AND withdrawal fee when using Skrill. FAQs state no withdrawal fees so it needs to be changed.
  10. refre

    Baptism by Fire - success Frank and Fred Casino stepping into the fire!

    Not overly wowed. Was trying to reach live support and even though I was first in line I never got through. Then I sent an e-mail and I've not heard back in 24 hours. Also, you need to remove bonuses manually even after you zero out. That applies to the free spins rewards as well (3 spins for...
  11. refre

    Videoslots - Newly Accredited

    Thanks. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I'm talking about messages and offers from "vip(a)".
  12. refre

    Videoslots - Newly Accredited

    In the past I would occasionally get some personal offers after a big wager. Has this stopped completely? Thanks!
  13. refre

    Is there a representative for the Betsson Group?

    So Betsson misses me... "Your gift awaits! Why don't make a casino comeback? The timing is perfect" I'm getting excited, what will I get?? (I gave them quite a bit of play at one point...) 10 free spins at €0.1. :oops: At least I won 20 cents so I get two extra spins :thumbsup: Nope, the €0.1...
  14. refre

    Tips NextCasino withdrawal limit for high rollers

    I don't think you will and they probably won't either. Even after you learned of the withdrawal limit you've demonstrated you're willing to risk your entire balance going from 24K to 100K. Take a friendly piece of advice and stop playing now. Your balance probably won't last until new years, let...
  15. refre

    Expired Promo Pragmatic Play - Casinomeister December Promo!

    I just realized ComeOn is not accredited here, so here's one from Videoslots!
  16. refre

    I'm worried that I made a mistake, can a casino veteran tell me if I broke this rule?

    Yes, it probably does cover this event. You should stop playing and reach out to customer service and/or the rep here on Casinomeister. If an exception is to be made you stand a much better chance now than, say, after a big win and you're ready to cash out. At that point it's probably too late...
  17. refre

    Videoslots - Newly Accredited

    It seems some of my favourite Gamomat games incl. Ramses Book has been removed from Videoslots. I can still play them elsewhere, so I'm not sure what's up.
  18. refre

    Trada. Good to use a trustworthy casino

    How is the game selection at Trada these days? It was somewhat narrow when I signed up a while ago, but perhaps it's changed?
  19. refre

    Expired Promo Rizk Casino - Traditional Rizkmas calendar

    I do believe this has been tweaked since last year. There has not been a single no-deposit offer yet. Two days left though, so I'm crossing my fingers :thumbsup:
  20. refre

    Book of Dead - 5000x - 100k€ Win

    If Play'n GO is not willing to fix this they should at least pull the plug and remove all their games from this operator. Also, they should not supply this game with €20 bet active unless the operator is prepared to pay out on a jackpot. Wishfull thinking, I know. In the end this will reflect...