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  1. 3Dice

    New Slot Announcement New 3Dice Slot - Twin Spin - Sorry, Gemini......

    Hi Chopley, Thank you for giving Gemini a try and for the review as well ( you know I appreciate those video's ). What can I say about Pon Pon?! You're not the only one requesting Kyoko back. Some of our players actually started a petition a while back (Petition Bring Back The Ninjas and...
  2. Are you looking for Royal Panda Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Royal Panda Review
  3. 3Dice

    Question Just curious..

    hehe , thank you DreamRJ ..and you know we miss you in chat ;)
  4. 3Dice

    Question Just curious..

    Hello youngmulla99, You are definitely welcome to try out our games and tournaments at 3Dice and if you need help or have questions please don't hesitate to hop on live chat support. Kind regards, Anna P.S: Thank you aodat2 :)
  5. 3Dice

    Resolved Need advice on iNetBet - don't want to lose 6k from one spin :(

    Hi mfrasher, Thank you for your reply, things are a bit more clear now for us. I am sorry that the registration process wasn't as smooth for you as one would hope. It normally isn't a lot different than registering for any other website - you register, you get a confirmation email, you click...
  6. 3Dice

    Resolved Need advice on iNetBet - don't want to lose 6k from one spin :(

    Hi mfrasher, Can you please explain what is confusing to you about the account creation section?! To me it seems pretty easy and self explanatory but if you do need help, or if you have questions please note that our support team is available 24/7 via live chat and ready to help. The games...
  7. 3Dice

    3dice Casino Makeover!

    Hi Scorpio7, Our chat has very simple and clear terms and conditions. Our casino reps , among other things , are on chat to make sure that the chatroom remains a cool and fun place to be and their decision to ban someone from chat( temporary or permanently) is final. Best regards, Anna
  8. 3Dice

    Is 3Dice Black Jack fair?

    Narcos, You played 55 hands at 3Dice. I will hapilly post that log if you like but allow me to give you a fair warning first. 55 hands is not enough to say anything about fairness. In fact its not even enough to decide if you're having good or bad luck. There is something you can prove by...
  9. 3Dice

    3dice Casino Makeover!

    Hi Guys, I can confirm that 3dice will be getting soon a much needed it upgrade - I know you all agree that it is absolutely time. Since both Enzo and I talked about it pretty openly in 3dice players chat, I don't consider it to be a big secret. However, we weren't ready yet to make an...
  10. 3Dice

    Slow Pay 3dice - US players What's up with slow\no pay?

    mjmetz, I have tried to contact you by phone since Thursday evening, all throughout the weekend, and yesterday on Monday as well. I even left one or two phone messages but didn't heard back from you - I do need your banking details. Please note it is extremely easy to contact me via...
  11. 3Dice

    Slow Pay 3dice - US players What's up with slow\no pay?

    We are in fact working on bringing new deposit options to the cashier for our US players. These things do take time some time to setup, therefore we're counting and appreciate your patience with us. I do hope to have some good news for you soon! Best regards, Anna
  12. 3Dice

    Slow Pay 3dice - US players What's up with slow\no pay?

    Hi Everyone, We apologize for not replying this thread sooner. Please note that we are in constant communication with the player. I absolutely understand the fact that mjmetz is upset over this particular payment being delayed. 3Dice has always paid its winners and will continue...
  13. 3Dice

    Announcement 3Dice removed from Accredited Section and placed back on

    Hi Guys, First off, thanks for the support from everyone - and apologies for the late reply - I think we may have a butterfly-effect chain of confusion here. As many of you know, we've been and are having some processor issues at 3Dice (forcing us to temporary throttle deposits - so that...
  14. 3Dice

    ATTN: Casino Rep Who's manning the 3Dice CM account?

    Hi Guys, I'm afraid I still have very little shareable or useful information at the moment. Banking options for our US players have been largely restored but until we can guarantee the speed of service you are used to from us we will keep the volumes limited. It's a choice of quality over...
  15. 3Dice

    China trying to hack my Casinomeister account

    Be wary with that analysis tools guys, there are so many different hacking methods out there .. It all comes down to entropy .. here's an insightfull image .. Cheers, Enzo
  16. 3Dice

    Your Input Please Responsible gambling and reversing withdrawals

    It depends on the situation really - if you have _any_ RG settings on your account (you setup up deposit or loss limits, you've reduced your reverse%, there is a history etc) - then you will not be able to unlock your withdraw (as many on here can testify) - the most common scenario where I...
  17. 3Dice

    Your Input Please Responsible gambling and reversing withdrawals

    Hi Sigothx1, It is a good thing to notice the disdain towards the methods used by the casino you work for. They are not just clearly far from best practice - they're also from a business point of view neither smart nor efficient. So allow me to give you a clearer picture on an alternative so...
  18. 3Dice

    3Dice- Transparency Please!

    Hi Di, I'll do my best to answer your questions as accurately as possible. Understanding the technical details of a testing procedure however means understanding the intricacies of the underlying model and math so it is not an easy task and does require some background knowledge in math...
  19. 3Dice

    The 3Dice Zombies are loose!

    I know - he's not that smart - you can help him with the 'orientation' slider tho ;) (if you find a funny location and you share it your friends will see it at that location) Cheers, Enzo
  20. 3Dice

    Casino Complaint service at 3 dice

    Hi Guys, 3Dice has always had a clear picture of what we wanted our chat to do. We believed - and still do - that implemented correctly the chat is a crucial part of the community features that take the online casino experience from a solitary thing closer to the parties and ambiance of an...
  21. 3Dice

    Question I know! Another 3Dice Thread. Can You Stand It?

    Hi Guys, Certificates like our RNG certificate remain valid for the lifetime of the code they describe. This particular certificate verifies and confirms the accuracy of the RNG used by 3Dice, which (and this can be verified through code signatures) has been in use in its current version...