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  1. universexf6

    I think some casinos are tightining its grip

    because of the recession. I am doubting the numbers of customers are decreasing around starting from the collapse of Lehman. I've been hitting slots for months at the same casino, but obviously the number and the hit amount seem to be decreasing. And "Manager Bonus" stuff started...
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  3. universexf6


    Oops I mean Sherlockholmes! It is one of the most excellent slots ever I saw from RTG! Hope in next version Professor Moriarty is going to show us his dangerous face somewhere:thumbsup:
  4. universexf6

    MG Slot Harveys

    This slot is real freaking crazy. I've never turned 240 USD into 1680 USD by a single game. ( Without a jackpot ) A multiplier such as 25X seems to me really idiotic. Anyway thanks MG.:notworthy
  5. universexf6

    To Inetbet --- You Gotta Have Chat Support Or Tel Support For Sure!!!!!!!!!

    Most of Meister's other accreditted casino have either Telephone support or instant chat support and it seems only you don't provide these services. I'm having a connection problem, which personally requires instant help, but your support doesn'r respond ( from my past experience even...
  6. universexf6


    Now playing, Blackjack silent for a 5-10 seconds, slots spinning all the time like a windmill and loading bars doesn't extend even for minutes... MG IS A KILLER MACHINE!!! :lolup:
  7. universexf6


    They used to respond faster my e-mail and their chat system seemed to have changed and it doesn't work somehow under my IE ( normal IE ) circumstance! You don'r reply my e-mail. The only way for sure help is to call you, but since I am living abroad outside U.S I don't want to call you...
  8. universexf6

    Crypto Real Series Slots!

    Haven't you ever thought their real series video slots are different than those of RTG or Microgaming? What is different? is, THEY ARE TOO TIGHT!!! I deposited at Ritz about 50 pounds and did one of the free spin feature slot and when I got 10 free spins, NONE OF 10 HIT ANY...
  9. universexf6

    I feel I am neglected at Casinos

    Well... Aug xxth was my birthday and lo and behold on my waking up checking my e-mail, I received "congratulations" mails from many casinos and while a casino gave me 50 USD for the birthday bonus where I only one time played and lost only deposit of USD 50, one of the "acreditted cainos"...
  10. universexf6

    RTG New Slot --- Realm Of Riches

    Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  11. universexf6

    RTG Video Slots

    I can not help almost falling into asleep while it's spinning. Can RTG plese make it faster. My control gage is set in the full speed.
  12. universexf6

    PLAYTECH Slots

    Just so boring... why so few videos.
  13. universexf6


    Don't some people feel they are tougher than any other platform BJ, ex, MG or RTG?? I don't and won't say they are the twisted platform, on the contrary I like Playtech and think and believe they are regulated by correct random mechanism, nonthless I feel they are tougher than...
  14. universexf6

    Pontoon at MG desperately desired

    This game is one of my favourites among all games. I want MG to install this one like RTG and I will clean every RTG experience from my memory after that :D Last part is a joke. :thumbsup:
  15. universexf6

    Geisha Lounge Payment Question ( Questionable Issue )

    Hello. All. This is the Chat log I exchanged with the operator. Don't you people think their withdrawal time is really strange?? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- info: Please wait for a site operator to respond. info: You are now chatting with...
  16. universexf6


    Hello all I haven't played at this casino before and would like to know if this casino is recommendable or not. Sorry I couldn't find any thread regarding this casino here. Are they quick about payments? Any info regading this casino will be really help. Let me thank you in advance...
  17. universexf6

    I Would Like To Post For Inetbet

    Hello all. Again, I am afraid let me use this forum for me to appreciate my thanks to Inetbet for their continuing bonus giving to me, since I am feeling very guilty for having received continuous bonus for free. I have not played at their casino, due to my personal credit card...
  18. universexf6

    Hey Thanks Phoenician

    They gave me 100 USD for free. Well..your casino is really great and I hope you will keep the best of the best position in the future as now. Sorry guys for having put a new thread. But I would like to be a nice guy to a good casino. LOL.
  19. universexf6

    A Nice Treatment From Geisha

    Well.... I deposited around 1K at Geisha and although I cashed out more than I deposited totally there they gave me cashback as a special treatment to a VIP ( I didn't know I was a VIP lol ). But they are too great so please let me announce their kind treatment. Thanks Geisha...
  20. universexf6

    Bodog Casino

    Have you ever received any reply to your e-mail?? Why don't they have online chat? People say this casino is good but before opening an account I am already reluctant to do so due to their poor response.
  21. universexf6

    I Wonder Why???? ( Video Poker )

    Hello all. Hope you are going win - win road now ;) By the way, there is a question I have been hiding in my secret pocket of my heart for about 2 years since I started playing at casino. What is actually the point when there are only cards whose number is fewer than the...