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  1. Nifty29

    UK Security Level increased

    Scotland Yard have announced new tighter security measures following the arrival of Nifty29. More news to follow.
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  3. Nifty29

    Superlenny Payment Issues

    Hi Gang Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Working hard towards London and the MeisterMeet!! I've been having an issue with Superlenny the past 5 days, and I am appalled at their total inflexibility and attitude towards a loyal customer. (It should be noted that I have contacted...
  4. Nifty29

    Nifty's question

    Slight derail....why did you shut down PV???
  5. Nifty29

    Your Input Please Intercasino - Too much egg nog???

    Received a promotion from Intercasino today. Looks OK on the face of it: When I clicked "here" it gave a list of about 8 games that I could use the free spins on. All of them were micro limit. Max bet = .09c i.e. NINE CENTS PER SPIN. :lolup: :lolup: :lolup: Honestly.
  6. Nifty29

    Bad news for Aussie Pokie players

    Just read this snippet today from the Victorian budget forecas Absolutely disgusting. We don't realise how good we have it online :barf:
  7. Nifty29

    Tips ACHTUNG!! Neteller Email SCAM ALERT!

    Hey Gang I received a VERY genuine looking email from Neteller asking me to login to accept "New Ts and Cs" or my account would be closed. A close inspection of the from address shows it is NOT genuine. Here is the email. The logos and background etc look authentic too....not showing...
  8. Nifty29

    Non-Bonus Complaint Betsafe/Skrill - unacceptable

    Hey Gang Made a deposit at Betsafe 14 hours ago. It did not appear in my account, and live chat tells me it needs to be manually approved (even though the funds have left my account). I still have no funds in my Betsafe account. IMO this is unacceptable. Is anyone else having this...
  9. Nifty29

    UK Pensions - Question

    Hey Gang I've often wondered if UK Pensions (e.g. child payments, disability, etc) are far more generous than other countries. Reason I ask is that, over my years here at CM, I've seen people mention casually that they live on a pension of some kind.....and these same people are depositing...
  10. Nifty29

    VWM - Caught at last....

    VWM CAUGHT! :D Disclaimer: I do NOT actually think is what's known as a JOKE....before some get their knickers in a twist.
  11. Nifty29

    ATTN: Casino Rep MG New Games Issues?

    Hey Gang Anyone else not able to access the new games via the download casino at 32Red Group? I've been uninstalling etc for days as per support instructions but no joy. It's getting frustrating lol I wonder if it is just my account.,..??
  12. Nifty29

    ATTN: Casino Rep Fortune Lounge Bonus Changes - heads up

    Hi Gang Sorry if this has already been reported. FL have done away with their "vanilla" clearplay system. You now cannot withdraw AT ALL until WR is met. I found out the hard way on the weekend. Previously, you could withdraw AT any time and just forfeit the bonus. Its the only thing...
  13. Nifty29

    ATTN: Casino Rep Wintingo - is this legit?

    Hey Gang I received an email offer today for a deposit bonus and some extra cashback from the Wintingo Casino Manager William Duthie. It all appears completely normal and legitimate, except for: 1. The promotion ended 2 days ago, and 2. The return email address for William Duthie is...
  14. Nifty29

    Aussie Woman loses $8m playing online casinos

    Very interesting and very sad article from last week: :eek: Looks like it might be a Crypto casino too as her fav game was Doctor Love (although it is at other casinos now, it wasn't a few years back)
  15. Nifty29

    An argument removed from another thread

    To: Jasminebed, just play, mimi26, smokeeye, wobble33 Thanking someone's post that has direct personal insults in it is "high fiving". It's just the same as a group of people standing in front of someone on the street, and one of the group throws an insult and the others go high fiving...
  16. Nifty29

    Achtung! German member help please

    Hey gang Can a German speaking member please assist the OP in the thread below: Danke :D
  17. Nifty29

    Casino taken for a $32 Million ride in Australia

    Interesting reading! I'm so pissed they caught me though I was having a ball. I guess it's back to tickling live roulette and chargebacking.....:mad:$32-million-scam
  18. Nifty29

    Software Complaint Red Rabbit....Sooo Slow

    Anyone else here playing at Red Rabbit? The games take up to 5 mins to LOAD and spin SO slowly it's actually making me physically angry :mad: IS it the same for everyone else? I have super fast internet and PC so I know it is not my end. It will be my last visit if it does not improve.
  19. Nifty29

    Intercasino - Misleading advertising AGAIN

    Hey Gang If you received this email titled "Try out our dating game. Bonus included!" With the promo details: What would you be expecting after taking the quiz? (FWIW the terms are not listed in the email....they are in a link right at the bottom) The result of the dating game was:
  20. Nifty29

    Free/Fun Play

    In the light of current events, my interest has been piqued in regards to if and when members use a casino's free play games. Thanks in advance for taking the time to give your feedback :) Tourneys are not considered free play for the purposes of this exercise.
  21. Nifty29

    Suggestion Bring back POTM?

    Hey Bryan and crew, We used to have a Post Of The Month for years where the winner IIRC chose a charity to receive a CM donation. I know you discussed bringing it back a while ago after all the site changes were done, but I think we all forgot about it. It was a cool concept. Some...