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  1. lauram

    ATTN: Casino Rep MG error messages.

    I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else playing mg casinos. I always get error messages after i close off the casino time after time. I also know when this will happen as each spin i place on slots shows the same spin as the prior one. My funds get lower no hits and if i do by chance...
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  3. lauram

    ATTN: Casino Rep Regarding RTG updates

    What is with all these rtg updates? Besides the fact that your bets are all reset again. My biggest issue is on the guarantee feature games. Always seems when I get down to 10 spins left at dollar or 2 a spin they update. Then you go into the updated casino to find you are starting all over...
  4. lauram

    Playtech passed out my phone number

    Well this one threw me for a loop. Few days ago i downloaded a playtech casino and deposited and played. I had to at that time update any info that changed. The only thing that did was my phone number. Next day I get this email. 24 hours remaining only … Hi Laura, We tried to call you...
  5. lauram

    Casino Complaint Opinions needed in regards to slotsplus

    Mid month I made a deposit into slotsplus, now I never use bonuses at rtg casinos. The playthrough kills me. The computer I was using was a older one and burned out. Few days later i purchased a new computer, put back in all my casinos. I open up slots plus and i still have a balance of 27.50...
  6. lauram

    The Argyle open game feature

    I have hit this feature a few times. I am wondering how it works? I never seem to get past picking one of the golfers, they get one swing. Then all that happens, is that I collect winnings. Yet in their pay table it shows 3 swings at the golf ball.
  7. lauram

    Bitch and Moan Jackpotcity TISK TISK

    This is another time I have encountered this issue with jackpotcity. I made a withdrawal the other day, it went through this am. Then i deposited again and went to withdraw funds. All i get is error messages and another stating check with live chat. Not only does live chat not respond to you...
  8. lauram

    Rtg jackpot counters.

    So I make a deposit at one of the accredit rtg casinos. I started playing the 2 new games hockey hero and lucky last. While I am playing I noticed the mini jackpot was at 356 the rj was at 2100. Never hit much so I logged off for about a hour. When i return the small jackpot is at 256 the rj...
  9. lauram

    Bitch and Moan mg bonus rounds

    Since early dec I have noticed the mg games have gotten much tighter in play. But today just blew me away. I would like to know if this has happened to anyone else while playing. Hit 15 bonus rounds all free spins on different games. Now my total win for all of these was just the scatter that...
  10. lauram

    Bitch and Moan MG new jan games

    I was playing last night at a mg casino. Logged out and when i went back into play again I noticed the new jan games available. So I downloaded artic hellboy and robot butler. I played the rest of my funds till I busted. I then logged out and thought maybe i should make another deposit and play...
  11. lauram

    Senior citizens foil would-be poppy-money thief

    Unreal the nerve of some people these days. This 84 year old man was counting poppy money as a man entered the building and tried to rob him at gun point. This man and 2 others in their 60's chased him down and took their money back. Way to go guys. Thought for the day don't mess with seniors...
  12. lauram

    New group started. Share you dogs with us.

    Just wanted to let you know that as a dog owner, I have a few issues the vets are having trouble figuring out. So I thought maybe if we made a group pertaining to dogs, that others might have gone through similar issues and we could help each other. Group is open, all can join. Even if you would...
  13. lauram

    Cherry Red and missing games

    Hi all if anyone has a minute. plse could you log into cherry red casino and check this out for me. They added the new game triple twister, yet a few of their other games are missing. Such as any game that starts with H like. haunted opera, hillbillies. Hidden riches. happy ox, honey to the...
  14. lauram

    Vegas slot mg casino

    Last week I had gotten a email from vegas slots casino. After reading it through I thought I haven't played there in over a year, due to a new computer, I just did not reinstall a lot of the casinos. So off i go download, send in docs. deposit, now comes the fun part I was hitting everything...
  15. lauram

    Michael Jackson dies

    Michael Jackson died this afternoon from cardiac arrest at age 50.
  16. lauram

    Buzzlucks new show time changes

    Seems our poor gang at buzzluck are still having some technical issues with their services. So there is no more thursday shows. :eek: Friday saturday and sunday shows will still remain with new time changes 330pm to 530 cdn time 830 to 1030 bst. I just thought i would make a post to inform...
  17. lauram


    I just thought i would remind the players that buzzlucks 50th shows is tomorrow, friday may 29th 3 to 6pm cdn time, 8 to 11 bst. The live show is very entertaining with competitions to win cash for your account. If you havent joined their casino yet this would be the time to do so. If you plan...
  18. lauram

    Miky Tysons 4 year old daughter dies yesterday.

    This is a very upsetting story so young she was only 4. My heart goes out to the family. Mike Tyson's four-year-old daughter died last night (26.05.09) after accidentally strangling herself.
  19. lauram

    Intertops rep

    Hi there i just went through the members list and I cant seem to find the rep account for intertops. I know im blind without my glasses but i did manage to find royal joker are they one in the same? Since they added their new casino im having a few problems with my account. Over the past year i...
  20. lauram

    Gowild casino (thanks winbig)

    I just wanted to give this casino a thumbs up and thank winbig for his comments regarding gowild. I had read one of his threads and went a joined gowild not to long ago. I was impressed as on your deposit they will ask if you wish a bonus with free spins. or just a bonus or no bonus before you...
  21. lauram

    CW down for upgrades

    Why on earth would they do this on a saturday nite. Just seems strange to me they have been down for hours. Is it just club or are the other rtg having upgrades also.