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  1. Westland Bowl

    US Residents Click here! doesn't load anything

    I pop my head in once in a while here. Just now I tried clicking US Residents Click here! but nothing comes up. This was supposed to lead to a separate forum for US Residents, right? it just times out. Did the separate website for US Residents get titantic'ed?
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  3. Westland Bowl

    Tropicana Online Casino in New Jersey

    I see that Tropicana's online casino is not on the list on even though it is based in New Jersey and is legal. :what: Oversight? They didn't want to cooperate?
  4. Westland Bowl

    How Bad Is It In Germany? Europe?

    How is the immigrant situation in Germany? I see German and European leaders stating that multiculturalism will be FORCED on citizens if you don't let immigrants have their way with your property and lives. Are you going to move back to US, Casinomeister?
  5. Westland Bowl

    Glen Campbell records final and brutally honest song about Alzheimer's disease.

    Country music legend Glen Campbell shares his final song, "I'm Not Gonna Miss You", after his Alzheimer's disease advanced too far for him to continue playing. He will unlikely perform live ever again because of his diagnosis and need for long-term care.
  6. Westland Bowl

    Any Non-Residents Tried New Jersey Online Casinos?

    I like to know the experiences of anyone who played the New Jersey online casinos and is not a resident of New Jersey. Where and how did you access the online casino(s)?
  7. Westland Bowl

    Questions re: New Jersey Online Casinos

    Does anyone know if the Atlantic City casinos that are licensed to operate an online casino have a separate online casino room inside their land casinos? I live outside of New Jersey and Delaware. I usually take a tour bus to AC. If I go to Tropicana or any other AC casino operating an...
  8. Westland Bowl

    How Many Ways Can You Arrange A Deck of 52 Cards?

    Educator Yannay Khaikin explains why every time you shuffle a deck of cards, you could potentially be holding a combination that has never existed before. There are over 100,000,000 decks produced annually with casinos using hundreds of new decks a night.
  9. Westland Bowl

    More Than 51,000 Online Gambling Accounts Created In New Jersey

    It seems online gambling in New Jersey has a successful start with over 51,000 online casino accounts created the past week!:eek2: Officials: More than 51,000 online gambling accounts created in NJ
  10. Westland Bowl

    Former Employee Says Online Casinos Are A Scam

    A former employee of a couple of online casinos based in Israel says they are a scam. These online casinos will give false information that they are based in the Caribbean but actually work out of office in Tel Aviv. He also has a revealing look into online pharmacies too. Former employee...
  11. Westland Bowl

    Playtech Pulls out of Canada, Netherlands and Finland

    Playtech is rumored to be ceasing operations in Canada, Netherlands and Finland with immediate effect, according to inside sources. Allegedly, the decision comes as a result of local regulations – but how or why those affect the gaming company are yet to be revealed. Playtech is pulling out...
  12. Westland Bowl

    Delaware Online Casinos- Any Observations??

    With Delaware online gambling now under operation for a whole day, has anyone here been on there? What does the blackjack look like and what are the limits? Any screen shots??
  13. Westland Bowl

    Bitcoin Casinos- Trustworthy?

    I was surprised recently on how many Bitcoin casinos there are. Some guy won $1.3 million this month at which is not a full casino but nevertheless offers nearly even odds with verifiable fairness. It seems like the Bitcoin casinos are a bit more insistent that they are fair...
  14. Westland Bowl

    New Jersey Online Casinos- Live Dealer or Software-Based?

    I just wonder how they would prevent card-counting with live dealers unless they use machine shuffled cards?
  15. Westland Bowl

    Runner Runner Movie To Be Used By AGA For Online Gambling Regulation

    From the Las Vegas Advisor news....... "Gaming Regulators Look to Hollywood Movie for Lessons: In an unusual development, the board of the American Gaming Association industry lobbying group is looking to Runner Runner, an upcoming movie starring Ben Affleck as an online-gambling tycoon in...
  16. Westland Bowl

    Can Land Casinos Cash Money Orders For Playing?

    I will have a 22-hour layover in Newark, New Jersey. I do not wish to bring my normal blackjack bankroll through airports. Would Atlantic City casinos cash a money order for play in their casinos?
  17. Westland Bowl

    Resolved What are the table limits for blackjack in Macau?

    I heard the table limits for blackjack in Macau is insanely high.... for the average American Joe. I have been reading that most blackjack tables there start at $200 minimum! :what: Gawd! I know baccarat tables are the most popular but they do have blackjack tables. But it seems to be out of...
  18. Westland Bowl

    Hard Rock Casino in Tampa Florida

    Has anyone been to this casino in Tampa, Florida? It appears they have $5 blackjack tables during the day time. I heard these have auto or continuous shufflers. Do the chips have RFID in them?
  19. Westland Bowl

    Online Blackjack- Test Files

    This thread is for playing blackjack at the online casinos, either in free play or real mode. We will make a record of game records with exact date and time, bet amount, win/loss. Feel free to dump the game play into a log for statistical analysis. Open to everyone to build up a decent sample...
  20. Westland Bowl

    How has the Atlantic City Casinos fared in Hurricane Sandy?

    Just wondering if there are any news on any damage suffered by the Atlantic City casinos? (other than monetary damage of evacuation orders)
  21. Westland Bowl

    My Namesake Place is Closing! : (

    My namesake favorite place to be during my teen years has closed This was a huge center of 60 bowling lanes and one of the best centers in the Detroit area.