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  1. Pinababy69

    R.I.P Mom/Lisa

    I feel so truly sorry to inform you that Lisa or Pinababy69 has passed away today August 2nd 2013 at 2:04 AM I know that she was a big part of this forum I am her daughter typing this I didn't know where to put this post so please don't yell at me we will all truly miss her she was a big part in...
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  3. Pinababy69

    Happy Birthday Pat Harrison!!

    Hey there Pat....just wanted to wish you an early Happy Birthday. I know it's on Sunday the 17th (St. Paddy's Day, how fitting, lol). Wanted to make sure you saw it before the weekend. Hoping that you have a super day whatever you do. :thumbsup: Cheers to the best Operations Director in...
  4. Pinababy69

    Tips Net Ent Recommendation?

    Hey there guys and gals....I have been playing MG (32Red) almost exclusively now for quite a while....and as much as I love them, I have an itch to try NetEnt...specifically Dead or Alive. I know, I should stay outta the WS thread, lol. I do keep up on threads here, and have seen nothing but...
  5. Pinababy69

    Happy Birthday Pat Harrison!!

    Hey Pat...I know that St. Patrick's Day, the 17th is your birthday. I also know that you are off tomorrow, so wanted to make sure that I wish you the happiest of birthdays now!! All the best to you in the coming year, and thank you so much for everything you do for everyone every single...
  6. Pinababy69

    International Women's Day

    I hadn't even realized that today is International Women's Day. A good day to take a moment and remember (and be thankful for) all the women in history who fought for women's rights. The suffragettes and the vote for women comes to mind, although I'm ashamed to say that I am not a history...
  7. Pinababy69

    Tick Tock....LOL

    K Bryan, we are all waiting patiently for the CM Awards. If I drink any more coffee, I'm gonna float away. :p Looks like I'm not the only impatient one either.....anyone noticed how many reps have been on and off the forum all morning? :laugh: The suspense is killing us....Dad, are we...
  8. Pinababy69

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Happy Turkey Day to my fellow Canucks here at CM!! Hey Max, do you still celebrate it even though are a "displaced" Canuck? :laugh: Enjoy your dinners....or if you had it yesterday, enjoy the holiday/day off. :thumbsup:
  9. Pinababy69

    Happy Birthday Bonita!!!

    Hey you.....don't know where you've been hiding out? Probably like me, just real life interfering, lol. Anyway, hope you have an outstanding day my friend. All the best to you!! :)
  10. Pinababy69

    EPassporte Out of Business

    I remember reading back in (I think) early September, that VISA had ceased all operations with Epassporte, which really threw a wrench into their operations. I believe that they used a Virtual Visa card to transfer funds back and forth..something like that. It now appears that they have been...
  11. Pinababy69

    PRESS RELEASE - eCOGRA Certifies Chartwell

    PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release CANADIAN SOFTWARE PIONEER ACHIEVES eCOGRA ACCREDITATION Chartwell Technology successfully meets rigorous international software development requirements London, 19 May 2010 - One of the online gambling industry’s longest established...
  12. Pinababy69

    EGamingReview - Top 50 Power Affiliates

    Interesting article at EGamingReview regarding affiliates, and the power they can carry in the industry. The part about the WH acquisition of the 70,000 strong affiliate database, and how that played into the pricetag of 144 million Euros (when acquiring Playtech's CPays group), is especially...
  13. Pinababy69

    Typical RTG Session for Me (With Bonus)

    Well, with all the uproar re: RTG, I decided to really track a whole session from start to finish, using a coupon, to see if I could make playthrough, time playing, etc. It was actually when JustPlay asked me how I do it, that I got the idea. It may not really say alot, but it's some real data...
  14. Pinababy69

    Virtual Casino - Tit for Tat Rants

    I take it Marty must be a personal friend then Bryan....cause there was no problem in flaming the shit out of Robert Green? What's the scoop? Now we have to handle Virtual with kid gloves? :rolleyes: 24 pages of flame right here...
  15. Pinababy69

    3Dice Chat Trivia - 9a.m. EST

    Howdy guys and gals. I'm posting this in Online Casinos just for it's sort of a special circumstance..with no tournies, and problems depositing at 3Dice. Maybe Simmo, Bryan, Max or Dave can move it to the Attic or Promotions in a couple of hours. Thanks guys. :D I just spoke to...
  16. Pinababy69

    New RTG slot launched

    Maybe unintentional, but this smacks of self promotion...which is usually frowned upon here. If every RTG who launched a new game came and posted in this section, it would be filled in no time. :eek2:
  17. Pinababy69


    eCOGRA REPORT ON THE GRAND PRIV AFFILIATE PROGRAM INVESTIGATION 15 February 2010 - Following a number of Internet-based allegations concerning the closure of the Grand Priv Affiliate Program (the Program) on 1 December 2008, eCOGRA's Compliance and Advisory Services department was...
  18. Pinababy69

    New ClubWorld Casino on the Horizon?

    Just came across this in my travels: Apparently the next addition to the ClubWorld stable. Anyone have an idea when they're opening?
  19. Pinababy69

    New MG Casino/Casino La Vida?

    A new MG casino named Casino La Vida. Anyone know if they are affiliated with Red Flush? The support #'s are the I'm guessing yes? From Casino La Vida: From Red Flush: Funny thing is that I don't see an "affiliates" link anywhere on the Casino La Vida website.
  20. Pinababy69

    Top Game Missing Jackpot Questions

    Okay, I am starting a new thread on this simply for the fact that there are posts scattered all over the place, from different reps...both for TopGame and for Rome Casino. I figured it would be best to put it all in one place. The most recent post by TopGame (David, the previous rep for Thebes...
  21. Pinababy69

    Dogs vs. Cats....LOL

    A friend of mine emailed me a copy of this, and I laughed so hard I swear I nearly peed myself. :laugh: Now I KNOW why I'm a dog person, and will remain so. :D From a Dog's Daily Diary: 8:00 am - Dog food! My favorite thing! 9:30 am - A car ride! My favorite thing! 9:40 am - A walk...