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  1. rockycatt

    Jennifer's medical fund

    god speed your recovery god speed in your recovery please amen
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  3. rockycatt

    President Trump

  4. rockycatt

    biggest gamble of my life

    GOD watch over your operation and help you recover amen
  5. rockycatt

    Happy Birthday Bryan!

    happy B lated
  6. rockycatt

    Check out my song!!!!

    Write them and sing them till you cant do both then you will have a proven answer you will either have all or half :thumbsup:
  7. rockycatt

    Trump Bankrupted His Atlantic City Casinos, but Still Earned Millions

    Donald trump played by the rules ,the laws produced by the politicians law makers and he understood them better than there authors as they say in Rome do as the Romans ,, There are many places on this earth that following the law is a morale degenerate act , ill leave it at that :rolleyes:
  8. rockycatt


  9. rockycatt

    Bierfest - 4 June 2016

    its a cherebs mouth
  10. rockycatt

    When Casinos wont accept responsability for tech issues

    best way to prove it if you have a friend close to you have them log on to see if same result :thumbsup:
  11. rockycatt

    Unknown Transaction Names

    I'm curious isn't gaming leangle in the UK . why not have there casino or brand name on it I'm probably in the dark a bit but I'm thinking bit coin would solve it for every one that needed cover :)
  12. rockycatt

    Happy Birthday Kasino King!!

    have a great B Day:)
  13. rockycatt

    Happy Birthday Incrediblestuff!

    have a good birth day :thumbsup:
  14. rockycatt

    Hello from Mr Silver

    hello and welcome Mr. Silva good luck from Boston ma. :thumbsup: ad becarefull about that addicted reference :)
  15. rockycatt

    Anyone have any bitcoin

    sign up at bet chain casino and they will help you , and I believe you get a sub in bit coin
  16. rockycatt

    Best days to play online HOT days

    :D I think only guess starting thusday night thru sunday night , like the pay day window weekend thing ,, ALSO the 3rd and the 15th of the month when the checks come in :) also did you ever notice that you might win more in the beginning of your relationship with a casino...
  17. rockycatt

    Havent smoked in 5 days

    good going good decision stay strong benefits in the end out way giving in to the erge:thumbsup:
  18. rockycatt

    bet chain

    any input for bet chain casino they take payments from coinbase for usa players so they say in there advertise
  19. rockycatt

    play or not

    I'm thinking of playing but it might be more productive if I just though the money out :confused: of the window
  20. rockycatt

    Forced upgrade to Windows 10!

    I think windows 10 is better and it will prolly catch more terrorists
  21. rockycatt

    Liberty/Lincoln Slots - Quite Amazing

    witch was it liberty or Lincoln ?