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  1. Westland Bowl

    US Residents Click here! doesn't load anything

    I pop my head in once in a while here. Just now I tried clicking US Residents Click here! but nothing comes up. This was supposed to lead to a separate forum for US Residents, right? it just times out. Did the separate website for US Residents get titantic'ed?
  2. Are you looking for Casumo Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Casumo Review
  3. Westland Bowl

    What is the story behind your username?

    I wanted to become a professional bowler when I was a kid. I spend much time at Westland Bowl so hence my CM handle. Old Westland Bowl: New Westland Bowl:
  4. Westland Bowl

    The Shamus is back ... I had a heart transplant!

    Welcome, back the Shamus! I hope you heal well! When I hear of such things as you went through, I always suggest to people to ensure continued healing and healing from medical mistakes that can happen, I post about hydrogen gas therapy and the near miracles it can create. and...
  5. Westland Bowl

    Where is Vinylweatherman?

    Another person I don't see around here anymore is Nifty29. Also, I used to see SlotsWizard a lot but I see that he hasn't been around for 9 years! Gosh!
  6. Westland Bowl

    Casinos with low Bitcoin deposits/withdrawal requirements for US Players

    Bovada accepts Bitcoin deposits. I don't know about Bitcoin withdrawals.
  7. Westland Bowl

    Tropicana Online Casino in New Jersey

    I see that Tropicana's online casino is not on the list on even though it is based in New Jersey and is legal. :what: Oversight? They didn't want to cooperate?
  8. Westland Bowl

    How Bad Is It In Germany? Europe?

    While it is possible that what is said/shown in the video above has been taken out of context and news reports overstate the issue, there ARE some things about Islam that needs to be addressed. Granted, the debate and discussions has been anything but balanced. I like what Dr. Symeon Rodger...
  9. Westland Bowl

    How Bad Is It In Germany? Europe?

    How is the immigrant situation in Germany? I see German and European leaders stating that multiculturalism will be FORCED on citizens if you don't let immigrants have their way with your property and lives. Are you going to move back to US, Casinomeister?
  10. Westland Bowl

    Bruce the black & white cat

    I'm sorry that is was Bruce's time to go. He looks like he was a sweet cat.
  11. Westland Bowl

    Announcement Yay! I'm back!

    Did you find the monkeys different between Costa Rica and New York City?:D
  12. Westland Bowl

    Where Is Nifty

    Oh, that was all? I thought he might have finally realized that online blackjack was not really fair and random. Drat! :D
  13. Westland Bowl

    European Online Gambling News: APCW Perspectives for 20th March 20th, 2015

    Did it seem like J. Todd was a bit under the weather in this video? I hope he is alright.
  14. Westland Bowl

    Are RNG's Truly Random? Not On your Life

    If casino software is 'reactive' to the size of bets and/or betting strategy, then audits or 'checks' using flat-betting isn't going to reveal a rigged game.
  15. Westland Bowl

    Blackjack playing conditions

    From a respected industry insider: "If, at any time in the month, the result of a player winning a wager would put the casino into the red, then the player lost that bet. The software was otherwise fair 100% of the time." "In this [another] case, the operator could adjust the "bust...
  16. Westland Bowl

    Blackjack playing conditions

    Fair playing conditions for blackjack in online casinos have not existed since Fall 2009. They have no system/protocol for assuring you that the cards are actually randomly drawn. In a live casino, you can see the cards in the shoe. Not so with online casinos. They take advantage that you...
  17. Westland Bowl

    US Regulated- GoldenNugget NJ Online...Martingale/Parlay Bets = Ban and Funds Seized

    Maybe I've been away from online casinos too long, but this is the first time I've EVER seen an online casino banning players from using progression systems by name! Yes, past T&Cs would say "can't use systems" but I've always thought and read that "systems" meant computer systems like bots and...
  18. Westland Bowl

    US Regulated- GoldenNugget NJ Online...Martingale/Parlay Bets = Ban and Funds Seized

    WHAT??? Martingaling is banned at the Golden Nuggets online casino?? WTF?:what: I would be shocked if the actual Golden Nugget land casino also bans progression betting! This would be an admission that betting strategies can indeed beat the house!
  19. Westland Bowl

    Glen Campbell records final and brutally honest song about Alzheimer's disease.

    Country music legend Glen Campbell shares his final song, "I'm Not Gonna Miss You", after his Alzheimer's disease advanced too far for him to continue playing. He will unlikely perform live ever again because of his diagnosis and need for long-term care.
  20. Westland Bowl

    DoubleDown Casino's Dirty Little Secret???

    I played the Double Down casino on Facebook a bit in the past. But I quit when I realized I'm just wasting my time if no real money is going to be paid out. Just a life waster to me. There are better things to do.
  21. Westland Bowl

    RIP Joan Rivers

    Perhaps her death was a payback for her outing Michelle Obama as a tranny?