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  1. imcasual


    ACK! Digging through email archives You guys probably have the answers right in front of you. I opened up an ECOCard acct some time ago, never used it. I have no reason to believe it is not still active. I have a w/d pending from Capt Cooks and requested papercheck but would prefer the funds...
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  3. imcasual

    Greatest in History!

    Greatest NFL comeback ever? It's a no brainer The OJ Simpson verdict. hahahahahahahha Cas
  4. imcasual

    inet m.i.a.

    ALL ACCESS GIFT TYPE MAY BE THE PROBLEM? Hi, everyone. I'm picking up a pattern here with problems on the GIFT-type cards. My All Access/NetSpend reloadable has not failed me yet. These days I'm playing primarily at inetbet and a couple of non jackpot factory MG sites. No problems. Off the...
  5. imcasual

    Inetbet latest

    Okay, this is fun, I want "IN"! I've been gambling online for about 7 years now. I'm a very good gambler but a very poor stopper! But I have played both MG and RTG software extensively so here's my take: ya gotta cruise. MG: My bigger winning sessions typically show a modest payout on the...
  6. imcasual

    Inetbet latest

    RTG thoughts in general I don't want to plunk this one on inetbet. There are too many people who think the world of this casino and I probably could have cashed out if I wasn't such a greedy hag. However, it seems highly coincidental to me that if I am winning, close a session and then, upon...
  7. imcasual

    Mysterious $150 check in the mail

    Real checks in the mail?? sending unsolicited checks when players are due withdrawals? no comment....other than this one. lol Sorry, I just couldn't help it. Cas
  8. imcasual

    Greatest in History!

    Ironmike and I ALMOST agree... The greatest comeback in NFL History is most definitely Bills's gotta be the outcome of the OJ Simpson trial. What a COMEBACK! hahahahahahahahaha ooops. (heehee) Cas:D
  9. imcasual

    All Access Visa will not process online casino's anymore!

    Haven't verified this myself yet but.... ...I was afraid this might happen once a ton of people started using the card for this purpose. I've had my payroll direct deposited for nearly a year now and I've never had a second of trouble with the card. I surely hope this is NOT the case, because...
  10. imcasual

    Best Casino and Manager Award 2007

    32Red Hit the Jackpot with Helen in CS I'm with you, Mike, Helen is the absolute best in ANY industry. I have a tendency to go ON, anyway, so to give much detail is asking for trouble. The only thing I DON'T think I experienced is Helen knowing I was going to contact them before even I...
  11. imcasual

    I found out through a little birdie,, loyalty bonus week!

    Manager's if by magic You may be right, Slots. I've had an account there for about 2 1/2 - 3 yrs (rough estimate) as well and had a big 30 bucks in there bright and early on Monday morning. :D Cas
  12. imcasual

    Next Saturday...

    Okay, so now humour ME!.......... I 'got' the 777 date thing that confused our other esteemed players (below) but what's with the 8 thing and Gibraltar??? Cripes. I haven't been to a landbased casino in so long I think I've forgotten how to play them. My shoddy performance at MG slots is...
  13. imcasual

    Jackpot Factory Update

    Waiting for payment from JP I was paid on one previous smaller cashout, so, of course, I continued to deposit and play and was delighted when I had another win a few days later. The w/d that WAS processed reached me in exactly 15 calendar days. Far less than the 21 business day buffer they...
  14. imcasual

    Jackpot Factory Update

    I'd be interested in hearing from any of you who are still awaiting payment from any of the Jackpot Factory locations. I am in "regular" contact through Casinomeister with David Brickman who responds promptly but has, so far, failed to produce. For statistical info I requested a w/d on April...
  15. imcasual

    Meister Slots - Looking for bitchin' ideas

    Simmo's got it goin on Special effects, great sounds and graphics. Absolutely bonus rounds, retrigger is a must. How about a retrigger with a surprise multiplier? I think you should be able to upload a gif photo of yourself to plug in as the wild card. I'm way too old for this but not only do...
  16. imcasual

    Allsots casino is not paying .BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!

    Another communique from Jackpot Factory Just received an email from Terri at All Jackpots. I just wish I could figure out which email of mine it was in response TO. No matter. Here's what she said: "Thank you for taking the time to contact us at All Jackpots Casino Customer Service...
  17. imcasual

    Best and Worse of RTG

    Best and Worst of RTG Best: Fruit Frenzy! but why charge me more to play?? Diamond Dozen Aztec Cleo Worst: Ronin Golden Glove Mermaids - paid off huge when new, now nothing Sorry what's the Indiana Jones themed one? I swear if that insipid Wench interrupts a winning line for me...
  18. imcasual

    Wildjack Casino

    Keep thinking this is my last word on this issue .... ...and yet something more comes to mind. Granted this was prior to our Elected Officials passing the bill that is surely for our own good (I like to think of it as the "Oops you dropped the soap" bill) but Western Union is still...
  19. imcasual

    Wildjack Casino

    Misery loves company? Well, then... ....such a shame our group continues to grow. Well the guidance and moral support do help. Unfortunately I don't have a bank account affiliation that will accept wire transfers which is my only withdrawal alternative with ECO card. The last check I DID get...
  20. imcasual

    Wildjack Casino

    Also waiting on payment from Jackpot Factory group Read the rules for posting one more time to make sure I wasn't out of line. Sent an email directly from here to All Jackpots, but I've sent basically the same email personally enough over the last few weeks I could write it in my sleep. Same...
  21. imcasual

    US Players and Casinomeister

    I'm confused! :eek2: Since when did it become illegal to exchange information that is part of the public domain? Where did we lose sight of what I understand this bill is proclaiming to control which is U.S. financial institutions' acceptance of funds proferred with the intent or even the...