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  1. all4greed

    For The RTP Experts...

    Need some help if this can be figured out. If I have $240, bet until busted out, and had a RTP of 85%, how much were my total wagers?
  2. Are you looking for Trada Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Trada Review
  3. all4greed

    Goodbye INetBet

    After many "lost emails" over the years resulting in unacceptable communication, I've decided to uninstall INB, close my account, and move on to another RTG (see below). I've played there for 10+ years and it was not a hasty decision to part from them. But as a customer, I expect a response...
  4. all4greed

    Courier Express Fee Terms

    Without naming the casino which has a good track record of paying, etc., I am a bit confused by their check fee terms. I had my first courier check on 9/20, then requested another 10/4. The last one was charged a $35 fee. The way I understood the terms, the first check for the month is fee...
  5. all4greed

    Tropica - The Best ND Bonus Ever!

    Wow, just wow.:rolleyes:
  6. all4greed

    One of the worst Rival bonuses...

    Tropica - are you serious?
  7. all4greed

    Club World Raises Minimum Bet on Slots

    Usually I only play tournaments and decided to play some slots last night. Minimum for 20 line is now $1, 25 line is $1.25 per spin. I contacted chat and was told no one else had mentioned it and to download the latest addition of Adobe.:what: So I did, restarted computer, and nothing...
  8. all4greed

    Strange Request From Tropica

    I have made 11 withdrawals since April and have a current withdrawal pending of $30 from comps. For some bizarre reason, Tropica is requiring all docs again plus my initials next to each EWalletExpress deposit made since April.:what: Anyone had a request like this? We require that you...
  9. all4greed

    What's Wrong With This 3Dice Screenshot?

    Anyone care to guess? Support has been notified.
  10. all4greed

    3Dice Live Chat

    Ok, it's been said before but why can't other casinos with live chat be as quick, courteous, and actually read what is typed before responding? I've live chatted with Ellen a few times and it blows me away at the end of the conversation how easy it was. Maybe 3Dice looks better because I...
  11. all4greed

    Rival Reps - Why Was The Withdrawal Flush Changed?

    Why was flushing the players withdrawal process changed? Now instead of flushing the withdrawal so a player can claim another bonus or simply make a deposit, the withdrawal sits there for up to 2 days as reversible. I was told by a rep that if you request a flush it will speed up the process...
  12. all4greed

    What Casinos Do You Have Installed

    Currently: RTG: BetPhoenix, INetBet, ClubWorld Rival: Sloto, Tropica, Vegas Regal Other: 3 Dice For whatever reasons, I've wrote off the rest...
  13. all4greed

    Anyone Still Play Scary Rich/Scary Rich 2?

    In the last few days, I've done hundreds of spins at Tropica/Vegas Regal on both games with zero bonus rounds. Just wondering if anyone else noticed a shortage of bonus rounds. Had some pretty good hits prior to this drought.:)
  14. all4greed

    Rival Changes Flush Method

    Took about 40 minutes to understand the new process. Basically they flush it on their end, still shows up as reversible (and is reversible) in the cashier screen, and accounting has to manually take it out. What a bunch of BS. Nina: Welcome to casino Live Chat. How may I help you? Me...
  15. all4greed

    VP Players - Ever Hit A Royal At 3Dice?

    I've played a bit of MHVP and come close to a royal but close doesn't count. Just wondering if anyone has hit one and if it was on multi or single hand.
  16. all4greed

    BetPhoenix - Emailed coupon terms don't match wagering counter

    There's some other thread here about watching the wagering counter in RTG but I couldn't find it. This is a different spin on it. Redeemed this coupon from an email yesterday: CouponCode: 700CASHBACK On Deposits of $10-$500 Code 700CASHBACK has 30x playthrough on deposit plus bonus...
  17. all4greed

    Box 24 - Slow Payments

    Cashed out $160 on 7/6, played with no bonus, chatted a couple times, and am now told they are backlogged with payouts. Requested accounting to contact me to get a promise payment date. Deposited and cashed out using EWalletExpress. Anyone waiting for payments from them?
  18. all4greed

    Sloto Cash - Any good recent experiences?

    Just wondering if anyone has had some good wins there in the last month or two. I primarily play multi-hand VP at low stakes (4 hands/nickels or dimes) and it's been one disaster after another. Generally, my goal is to triple my deposit and cashout. Not terribly unrealistic. At Vegas Regal...
  19. all4greed

    INetBet Players - Check out this quick payout

    Fastest ever payout from them. Must have timed it right - less than 11 minutes and paid on a Saturday.:D
  20. all4greed

    What if the Virtual Casino Group has been sold?

    There has been a lot of discussion regarding the motives of Virtual paying out past players. Without derailing the thread by Marty, I wanted to start a new thread. Some people think that Virtual might have been sold. What is the value in a casino group that has such a bad reputation? Would...
  21. all4greed

    3Dice - A Small Shoutout

    After 3 small deposits I had my first cashout at 3Dice. Live chatted and no docs were required. Chat took all of 45 seconds. Paid in 15 hours via EWalletExpress. I know people have posted about their great support/quick payments and I'll add another one. Impressive.:thumbsup: