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  1. imcasual

    Jackpot Factory Update

    I'd be interested in hearing from any of you who are still awaiting payment from any of the Jackpot Factory locations. I am in "regular" contact through Casinomeister with David Brickman who responds promptly but has, so far, failed to produce. For statistical info I requested a w/d on April...
  2. Are you looking for Royal Panda Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:Royal Panda Review
  3. imcasual

    Am I missing something?

    [COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Lucida Sans Unicode]....because if I have as much info on this industry as anyone ~ and, after all, that's the primary reason why I drop in on this forum (besides the entertainment value; yes, Bryan, you can be funny as hell) then all generally accepted methods of...
  4. imcasual

    Firepay is still at it! Refc: my posting of 5/30/02 on FIREPAY

    "They more things change, the more they remain the same", so they say. And like some over played episode of the Twighlight Zone, here I am again. Read this posting then scroll to my posting of this past May 30th re Firepay. I truly cannot believe the gonads on this group. They're not only made...
  5. imcasual


    I am LIVID behind this last, seemingly, arbitrary decision. I have just been informed that Prepaid ATM is no longer accepting deposits (for any reason) from Western Union. I have yet to discover why. But my issue is there was NO advance notice to customers which means I had the expectation of...
  6. imcasual

    Highlights of my "relationship" with Firepay. WATCH OUT!

    Not usually a woman of few words I can bullet this exercise in futility in the proverbial nutshell: 1. Firepay receives a returned (NSF) item on my account. NOTE: this was a bank error which I can prove via documentation 2. The first I learn of this is when I'm locked out of a casino...
  7. imcasual


    I'll admit it: if I'm in between paydays, I'm going to look for a freebie. Last week I downloaded and opened accounts with casinos offering free chips, no deposit. The results ran the gamut of the customer service track. GOLDKEY says the passwords I entered when trying to open my account...