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  1. bruinsdude

    Question Where should i try online poker?

    I am in Canada, and looking for a reputable place to play online poker texas holdem tournaments for money. 888 poker and Pokerstars come to mind when I think of online poker, mainly due to ads, but are they safe and recommended? Having a hard time searching out threads for suggested poker...
  2. Are you looking for 32Red Casino?

    Check out Casinomeister's Review here:32Red Review
  3. bruinsdude

    The future of Online Slotting?

    Crazy, thought it was fake news...but seems to be legit. Can't touch this: Real slot machines controlled online
  4. bruinsdude

    Casino Complaint PlayOjo Playblock: Unfair or reasonable?

    Hey CM peers, needing to vent a bit here, wondering how you guys would handle a situation such as this. I have been playing at PlayOjo for a couple of weeks, really no complaints until now. Games run great, site runs great CS was helpful. Things were going super. 3 days ago I withdrew $500...
  5. bruinsdude

    Play Ojo Tv Adverts in Canada: This is not a gambling website

    Curious if it is to get around some advertising law here in Canada, but Play Ojo have taken out tv spots, prime time too..... and the funny thing is the disclaimer that THIS IS NOT A GAMBLING website. Interesting to see an overseas casino that isn't Casino Rewards advertising here. May have to...
  6. bruinsdude

    Anyone else unable to communicate with Trada?

    A bit weirded out. Trada is my go to casino, however I made a withdrawal yesterday, and went to check up on it today. A full business day has gone by and the status of the WD has not moved, the Live Support button is missing, when I try to click the live chat link it is somehow disabled, and no...
  7. bruinsdude

    What is your magic number when cashing out while slotting?

    I am posting this because I am truly baffled at why my playtime and cash outs have gone the way of the dodo over the last couple of years. Baring one monster hit on DOA2 (5477x @ 0.36), I have found myself unable to sustain regular $500.00 or more cash outs on any casino. In days of
  8. bruinsdude

    Promotion Questions Max bets when on a bonus

    So if I read the following terms correctly, taking a cashback bonus or free spins bonus generating an amount that must be played through has to be played in a certain fashion otherwise you risk forfeiting any winnings. Of note: The part about...
  9. bruinsdude

    Question Too early for X-mas games?

    I know I will likely get basted for mentioning this so early on in the year, but it's almost that time of year again! Only 129 more sleeps til Ol Saint Nick fills our accounts with cool bonuses and jackpots! My question, what are some of your go to Christmas slots? As the season approaches...
  10. bruinsdude

    Working Fix for Flash NetEnt games on Chrome

    Just thought I would share this. For months now, Google Chrome will not allow certain Flash games to run (ie CFTBL, Wishmaster, Eggomatic, Wild Rockets etc) This is across many casinos, and is since Chrome no longer allows you leave Flash open all the time...partly due to Flash's impending end...
  11. bruinsdude

    ATTN: Casino Rep BTG Rep, please respond

    Hello to the BTG rep.... I have sent you PM's on a couple of occasions, but perhaps with the current server situation you guys are facing you aren't exactly in a position to communicate with the certain flood of messages, so I am just putting this here in the hopes you will see it and respond...
  12. bruinsdude

    BTG in Canada

    Hey guys, any advice on ANY casino that allows you to play BTG games from Canada. Miss them dearly here in Ontario. Almost considered getting an address across the bridge from me on the Quebec side just to get my fix lol. Sent this to the BTG rep, hoping to get a favorable response: Hi...
  13. bruinsdude

    BTG,NYX,Blueprint removed from Canadian players!

    Was just informed VS is no longer allowing Canadians to play BTG games at their site. This is the very first I hear of it.... it is a sad, sad day! I have been unable to load any BTG for a couple days, was really hoping it was simply a technical issue....but sadly... Title edited upon request...
  14. bruinsdude

    White Rabbit ~ Big Time Gaming

    I must say I have been absolutely addicted to this title. My RTP all time sits at aprox 100%, with some big hits along the way. I have found this to be my main go to slot instead of the usual DHV or Bonanza....and when I get to my last 10 bucks, buy a bonus is not far off. I am frankly...
  15. bruinsdude

    CanPlay Casino

    Considering these guys, any way to get feedback? is licensed and regulated in Canada. Licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, license number: 00830 (issued May 9th, 2018) They say.... we are licensed by the KGC we are a new site and we are working on listing with big...
  16. bruinsdude

    32 Red/Roxy Palace group not giving me credits for deposit AGAIN

    Second time in 2 + months I make a deposit at this group, they take the money....but don't give the credits. Second time I am also being told I have to wait 3 days to have my credits, even after providing a screen capture for them of my Ecopayz account showing the deposit, and a copy of the...
  17. bruinsdude

    Roxy Palace refuses to pay credits for a successful deposit

    Deposited at Roxy Palace (32 Red), deposit via e-wallet. Deposit was successful, receipt issued, transaction and reference numbers provided to Roxy, yet they still refuse to pay me my credits and deposit bonus, and are dragging their heels at fixing the issue. When pressed they insist they are...
  18. bruinsdude

    Roguish Betspin Casino not honoring e-wallet withdrawals

    Last Thursday I deposited at Betspin casino. I always deposit using one of two methods, either my E-wallet (Ecopayz) or Paysafe. All previous deposits have been by these methods, and 100% of my withdrawals have been via my e-wallet. Last Thursday I was lucky enough to hit a nice win, tried...
  19. bruinsdude

    What action can I take for late night SMS that wont stop?

    I have been a long time customer at an accredited casino here. Recently, they have taken to sending me SMS (text messages) in the middle of the night. Not once or twice a week, but near daily. I have contacted customer support on four occasions now, and even emailed the rep here, awaiting a...
  20. bruinsdude

    New Slot Announcement Star Dust: New Microgaming Slot

    Microgaming just released a video preview of a new game
  21. bruinsdude

    Roguish Accredited casino not paying a valid w/d

    I don't know where to start. I will not name the casino, since that is against the rules, however I did email the rep, who has been active in the forums yet so far has ignored my message to them completely and will not reply. I cannot proceed to PAB since the rep is dodging the issue...