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  1. Bitcasino.io_Karl

    Tips All you have to know about crypto — Lesson 4: How to keep your crypto safe

    Hi guys :) In this lesson, I will give you some tips on how to increase your crypto's security. Security problems are common in any industry, not just in digital currency. Thieves go where money flows. As the crypto market continues to surge in popularity, hackers will continue to want to cash...
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  3. Bitcasino.io_Karl

    Tips All you have to know about crypto — Lesson 3: A guide to stablecoins

    Hi guys! Would you like to know more about crypto world? Well, today I would like to introduce you stablecoins. What are stablecoins? As the name suggests, these coins were designed to give more stability to crypto investments by pegging them with fiat currencies as a reserve asset. Usually...
  4. Bitcasino.io_Karl

    Question What are the terms you decide on which online casino to play?

    Hi guys ;) As we all know there are over 1000 online casinos to choose from. It's not an easy task. Or is it? :confused: What do take into account picking the right one to play in? Just the great games and rewards? Or do you go deeper and check the license, reputation, reviews, etc? And even...
  5. Bitcasino.io_Karl

    Tips All you have to know about crypto — Lesson 2: Where to buy and keep cryptocurrencies

    Hi again from crypto industry :) I have a new piece for you regarding cryptocurrencies. This time I would like to share with you information where you can buy and keep your coins. In order to get any crypto coin, you need to use fiat money in exchange for your preferred cryptocurrency...
  6. Bitcasino.io_Karl

    Tips All you have to know about crypto — Lesson 1: Get to know the crypto coins

    Hi guys :) You’ve almost certainly heard about cryptocurrencies – but do you know how they work? Sure, Bitcoin is a hot topic – but how does someone spend digital money that was created seemingly out of thin air? Here, we break it down for you so that you can understand this trend and start...
  7. Bitcasino.io_Karl

    New Casino Rep Greetings from Crypto World!

    Hey everyone! My name is Karl and I work for Bitcasino. I want to do my best on this forum to answer any questions, queries or concerns you may have around who we are and what we do. We would also welcome any feedback or suggestions as to how we can make Bitcasino better than ever before...